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Live ACCA F4 Lectures

Introduction to Paper F4 Corporate and Business Law (English Variant)

Chapter 3 (Eng variant)

Statute Law Part 1

Statute Law Part 2

Chapter 4 (Eng variant)

Contract Law part 1

Contract Law part 2

Contract Law part 3

Contract Law part 4

Contract Law part 5

Contract Law part 6

Contract Law part 7

Contract Law part 8

Contract Law part 9

Contract Law part 10

Contract Law part 11

Contract Law part 12

Contract Law part 13

Contract Law part 14

Lectures from Chapter 5 onwards are valid for the ENG and Global variant of Paper F4

Chapter 5

Common Law part 1

Common Law part 2

Chapter 6

Law of Tort part 1

Law of Tort part 2 Negligence

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Partnership

Chapter 10

Company Law part 1

Company Law part 2

Company Law part 3

Company Law part 4

Company Law part 5

Company Law part 6

Company Law part 7

Company Law part 8

Company Law part 9

Company Law part 10

Chapter 11

Company Law: Directors and Officers part 1

Company Law: Directors and Officers part 2

Company Law: Directors and Officers part 3

Company Law: Directors and Officers part 4

Company Law: Directors and Officers part 5

Company Law: Directors and Officers part 6

Chapter 12

Company Law: Meetings and Resolutions

Chapter 13

Company Law: Loan Capital

Chapter 15

Company Law: Illegalities

Chapter 16

Capital Maintenance


  1. avatar says

    Apart from company law how many (if any) of the previous chapters/lectures would apply or be fine to study them for the global law syllabus?
    Because I did not pay attention and already watched some lectures, so will cause any confusion in difference between standards?
    Also thank you for all of your lectures and efforts into helping the ACCA community.

  2. avatar says

    there is no video lecture for corporate governance, and share capital. plz can admin upload this chp and video for workthrough of f4 pastpapers or at least recent paper analysis by the lecturer?

  3. Avatar of leonis1840837 says

    Open tuition is of great help especially for the overseas students. The first time i attended the paper F4 tuition classes it was so boring that most of the legal terms sounded so strange to me. But since I joined the open tuition i am now able to distinguish between some of the legal arguments, especially in the law of obligation. Thanks for this innovative tuition. I would appreciate if i can download lectures on my desktop and listen without internet as i have limited access to internet.

  4. avatar says

    I hate ALL reading courses, I loathe having to study them for exams………..however YOU ARE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME (thank you Opentution), with this Lecturer I actually rush home from work and spend at least 3hrs listening and working with the notes preparing for exams, am confident i will pass this exam!!!!! u make learning fun:)

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