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Chapter 7 The Cost of Capital

Cost of Equity

Cost of Debt

The Cost of Capital (part 3)

The Cost of Capital Example 10

Chapter 8 Portfolio Theory

Portfolio Theory Examples

Portfolio theory Example 1

Portfolio Theory Example 3

Portfolio Theory Example 5

Well-diversified portfolios

Chapter 9 The Capital Asset Pricing Model

Examples 1- 3

Examples 4 – 6

Combining Investments Example 8

Model Alpha values Example 9

Ungearing Betas Example 10

Example 11

Chapter 10 Discounted Cash Flow Techniques

Discounted Cash Flow Techniques

Internal Rate of Return

Modified Internal Rate of Return

Multi Period Capital Rationing Example 4

Chapter 11 The Impact of Financing

The Impact of Financing Example 1

The Impact of Financing Example 2

Chapter 12 Share Options and Option Pricing

Share Options and Option Pricing part 1

Share Options and Option Pricing part 2

Chapter 13 Real Options

Real Options

Chapter 17 Foreign Exchange Risk Management

Exchange rates

Foreign exchange risk

Forward contracts

Money market hedging

Currency futures lecture 1a

Currency futures lecture 1b

Currency futures lecture 2a

Currency futures lecture 2b

Currency futures lecture 3a

Currency futures lecture 3b

Chapter 18 Foreign Exchange Risk Management – Options

Foreign Exchange Risk Management Options part 1

Foreign Exchange Risk Management Traded Options part 2

Foreign Exchange Risk Management Options part 3

Chapter 19 Interest Rate Risk Management

Explanation of interest rate risk

Forward Rate Agreement and Interest Rate Guarantees

Introduction to Interest rate futures

Interest rate futures Example 3

Interest rate futures Example 4

Interest rate futures Example 4 continued

Interest rate options (part 1)

Interest rate options (part 2)


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    Thanks a lot for these video lectures. I found this very useful especially forex part. Lecturer made those complicated topics in a very simple way. Are those the only videos available? can be expect more videos soon?

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