ACCA P3 Revision Lectures

ACCA Revision lectures

To fully benefit from ACCA P3 revision lectures, please download past ACCA P3 Questions and Answers

ACCA P3 Lecture Question 1 June 2010 exam

ACCA P3 Lecture Question 2 June 2010 exam

P3 June 2008 Real exam question 1 “AutoFone”, How to approach the P3 Case Study

P3 June 2009 Real Exam Question 1 – GreenTech

ACCA Paper P3 June 2010 Question 1


Video Lecture “CiniCentre” (part 1 Question)

Video Lecture “CiniCentre” (part 2 Answer)

“Bonar Paint”

Video Lecture “Bonar Paint” (part 1 Question)

Video Lecture “Bonar Paint” (part 1 Answer)


  1. avatar says

    I am taking P3 for the first time and am confused between which, amongst Kaplan and BPP, to take lectures. My past exams have always been BPP and most of them I passed at the 2nd attempt. I am really tired of taking an exam twice. Can anyone advice me based on their experience please?

    • Avatar of irisc says

      @ajaf, i would recommend kaplan, since thats what have been using since i started acca ;) am at level 3 now, i only wrote 3 papers twice out of 10, using kaplan. hope this is helpful

  2. avatar says

    How many times can i read the scenario? only once? but seems not enough, seems better to read at least two times , first time quicker,for grasp of what should appear in the answer. What is your opinion on time om reading Q1 case material? please give guidiance. Thank you.

    • Avatar of gromit says

      @krulikyong75, Don’t panic! Remember, the longer the question, the more ammunition you are provided with to attack it. Lots and lots of detail are telling you information you can use. The hardest questions are the short ones, like “What is life?”. Use your 15 minutes reading time to read the requirements of the long question then to read and re-read the question, making notes on it.

      On my revision courses I get students to attempt about 8 long questions – not writing out the answer in full, but reading it and planning answers.

      Look at the videos on this site that work through questions; some more will be posted soon.



  3. Avatar of affera says

    u kno in my country ACCA exam starts @ noon 2pm according to 0ur time,
    and on P3 exam day i woke up and saw the clock it was 1.15 already ,so i got panic cox i was late for exam
    so hurryin i got read and get dressed but when i came out i realized that it was 1.15am at nite!! lol

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