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Introduction to ACCA Paper P3 [5m20]

Chapter 1

Real life examples [10m33]

Chapter 2

Strategic planning models [17m50]

Chapter 3

Advantages and disadvantages of strategic planning [6m40]

Chapter 4

The rational model in more detail [11m16]

Chapter 5

Environmental analysis [26m16]

Chapter 6

Capabilities [12m38]

Chapter 7

Internal analysis [32m12]

Chapter 8

SWOT Analysis [8m04]

Chapter 9

Objectives, Critical Success factors and benchmarking [28m13]

Chapter 10

Determining strategy [19m23]

Chapter 11

Diversification [12m07]

Chapter 12

Methods of growth and portfolio management [29m44]

Chapter 13

Strategic choice [5m39]

Chapter 14
No lecture available – you should read the P3 notes.

Chapter 15

Corporate culture [18m03]

Chapter 16

Organisational structure [35m10]

Chapter 17

Marketing concept [38m04]

Chapter 18

Pricing [10m01]

Chapter 19

Process change [35m58]

Chapter 20

Change management [27m47]

Chapter 21

Data, Information, knowledge and IT [44m19]

Chapter 22

The Internet and E-Business [30m40]

Chapter 23

Acquiring software [10m10]

Chapter 24

Project management [40m45]

Chapter 25

Human resource planning – People [50m47]

Chapter 26

Integrated Reporting [7m37]

Chapter 27

Forecasting [36m59]

Chapter 28

Finance [12m52]

Chapter 29

Budgeting and standard costing [12m29]

Chapter 30

Capital rationing and sensitivity analysis [13m43]

Chapter 31

Marginal and relevant costing; ABC [25m58]

Chapter 32

Ratio analysis [9m13]

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