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Introduction to ACCA Paper P3 [5m20]

Chapter 1

Real life examples

Chapter 2

Strategic planning models

Chapter 3

Advantages and disadvantages of strategic planning

Chapter 4

The rational model in more detail

Chapter 5

Environmental analysis

Chapter 6


Chapter 7

Internal analysis

Chapter 8

SWOT Analysis

Chapter 9

Objectives, Critical Success factors and benchmarking

Chapter 10

Determining strategy

Chapter 11


Chapter 12

Methods of growth and portfolio management

Chapter 13

Strategic choice

Chapter 14
No lecture available – you should read the P3 notes.

Chapter 15

Corporate culture

Chapter 16

Organisational structure

Chapter 17

Marketing concept

Chapter 18


Chapter 19

Process change

Chapter 20

Change management

Chapter 21

Data, Information, knowledge and IT

Chapter 22

The Internet and E-Business

Chapter 23

Acquiring software

Chapter 24

Project management

Chapter 25

Human resource planning – People

Chapter 26

Integrated Reporting

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Introduction and Examples of strategic problems

Advantages and disadvantages of strategic planning


Industry Convergence, Porter’s diamond

Porter’s five forces, Resources

Strategic capability, Value chain

Product life cycle, Portfolio analysis BCG Matrix

Portfolio analysis BCG Matrix, SWOT analysis

SMART objectives, Objectives setting

Balanced Scorecard (Kaplan and Norton)

Porter’s Generic strategies, The strategic clock

Ansoff’s Matrix


Methods of growth

Other methods of growth



Pricing, Promotion, Place

Knowledge management


Business process change

Harman’s Process-strategy matrix

Change management