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Chapters 1-5

Chapters 1 to 5 are self study, please read the course notes

Chapter 6

Group Accounts: An Introduction

Group Accounts: An Introduction part 2

Chapter 7

Preparation of the Consolidated Statement of Financial Position part 1

Preparation of the Consolidated Statement of Financial Position part 2

Non-controlling interests

The non-controlling interest in the goodwill of the subsidiary

Other reserves, Mid-year acquisitions

Mid-year acquisitions Example

 IFRS 13 Fair value measurement

Chapter 8

Group Accounts: Inter-entity transactions: Trading transactions

Inventory sold at a profit within the group

Transfer of non-current assets

Dividends, Example 4

(Updated!) Chapter 9

Group Accounts: Comprehensive Example

Chapter 10

Preparation of CS of Comprehensive Income Example 1
Preparation of CS of Comprehensive Income Example 2
Preparation of CS of Comprehensive Income Example 3
Preparation of CS of Comprehensive Income Example 4

Chapter 12

IAS 2 Inventories

Chapter 13

IAS 11 Construction Contracts Introduction

IAS 11 Construction Contracts Workings

IAS 11 Construction Contracts Example 3

Chapter 15 IAS 37 Restructuring issues & Contingent liabilities

Chapter 15 (Part 1)
Chapter 15 (Part 2)

Chapter 16 IAS 17 Leases

Chapter 16 (Introduction)
Chapter 16 (Example 1)
Chapter 16 (Example 2)

Chapter 17

IAS 23 Borrowing costs

Chapter 18

IAS 12 Income taxes

Chapter 19 IAS 7 Revised: Statement of Cash Flows

Chapter 19 (Introduction)
Chapter 19 (Examples)
Chapter 19 (Comprehensive Example 6)
Chapter 19 Alternative Methods – Operating Activities

Chapter 23

IAS 16 Property, plant and equipment

Chapter 24

IAS 18 Revenue

Chapter 25

IAS 20 Government Grants

Chapter 26

IAS 38 Intangible assets

Chapter 27

IAS 40 Investment properties

Chapter 28

IFRS 9 Financial Instruments


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    Hi admin,
    First of all, I would like to say thanks to OT. This website really helps me a lot.
    I started F7 from 2 months ago with course notes of OT for June 2010 so I would like to ask that is it ok for me to use what I’ve learned for this Dec 2010.
    If not, pls show me the difference between these 2 versions.
    Many thanks

  2. avatarmosesmasese says

    Dear Admin. i have just watched the revision video W5A and W5B i think it is suffifient, Thank you very Much, it addresses my concern for Investments in associates. This is incredible. the thought of getting all these good lectures for free is encouraging me to work even more harder. it will be my third attempt and this time, i can see my pass and i am excited about it. great lectures indeed.

  3. avatarmosesmasese says

    admin any possibility of including chapter 11 accounting for investments in associates(IFRS3 REVISED) I can see Steve has issued an article on the same, which could imply it could have a high propability of being tested in Dec 2010. your help on the lecture will be greatly appreciated.

  4. avatar says

    I have been trying to Group Accounts = Comprehensive exapmle and even double clicking on the link supplied the message below:
    Once the process is followed I go in circle back to the same message below. Yet I am able to access any other chapter.

    “We have upgraded the site, please select link you were looking for below
    Free ACCA Resources by Paper”

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