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    in question (B) you have given the answer as 0.977 but i am getting it as 95.2

    (7*187000)-(2800*420)=133000 (as you stated in the answer

    *?[(7*1,400,000)-(2800*2800)]-[(7*26550)-(420*420)]=1396.6 but you wrote 136096

    this is leading to a mistake in my calculations,please confirm


    • avatar says

      I am actually getting .718. John, I think there is an error in your working in the revision notes. You have (9,800,000-7,840,000) as 196,000, when it should be 1,960,000. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. avatar says

    Sir, the question in the revision kit for this chapter..
    a) why is the answer : y = 32.84 – 0.0679x and not : y = 32.84 + 0.0679x? for i got a positive answer for b.

    Other than that. how do we know how many decimal places should we use in the exams as the b produces the answer of 0.067857142? Same goes to question c) as it results to 0.9554529 (95.5% in percentage) Please help. I’m very confused.

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