ACCA F2 Revision part 2 Overhead Allocation, Apportionment, Absorption and Allocation

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  1. avatar says

    Hello Sir,
    From the question above on Overheads. I have reapportion the repairs first then maintenance since in the question it is shown on the first row. But in your solution you have reapportion the Maintenance first. Is there any specific reason for doing such? Our answers is different. Can you please tell me why i should reapportion maintenance first then reapportion repairs?
    Thank you

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      Having got the totals for each of the four departments (after adding the relevant proportions of general overheads) you then recharge the total for maintenance using the given percentages.

      Then you take the new total for repairs and and recharge it – again using the percentages given.

      (You could do repairs first, and then maintenance. However it would take a little longer because you would then have to do repairs again. However it would give the same final answer.)

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