ACCA F2 Key to success

ACCA F2 – Nature of the paper

Paper F2 – Management Accounting –is concerned with managing the business so as to achieve better performance. It includes topics such as how to calculate the cost of producing items in a manufacturing company, the preparation of budgets, and the calculation of variances as a way of trying to control costs.

Structure of the ACCA F2 paper

The exam consists of two sections:

  • Section A will contain 35 two mark objective questions.
  • Section B will contain 3 ten mark multi-task questions – one will be on Budgeting, one will be on Standard costing, and one will be on Performance measurement.

Emphasis of the F2 exam

Although most of the arithmetic involved is not difficult in itself,

there is a lot of time pressure – it is difficult to complete all of the questions in two hours. Additionally, there often small ‘tricks’ in the wording of the questions which (especially under time pressure) lead to it being easy to choose the wrong answer even if you are happy with the particular topic.

Although all the questions in Section A carry equal marks, they are not all of equal difficulty. You will find some of the questions very quick and easy, whereas others will take much longer.

Although the majority of questions involve arithmetic, there will be some questions asking you to choose between several written statements.

How to pass ACCA F2 Exam

Use the OpenTuition ACCA F2 lectures along with the F2 Course Notes. Make sure that you are happy with the arithmetic, but also listen carefully to the lectures and check that you really do understand the techniques.

When you are confident of a topic then practise as many past exam questions as you can. Watch also ACCA F2 revision lectures available on line.

Of great importance if that you then start trying tests of mixed questions (from one of the revision/exam kits available). You should practice determining which topic each question is examining quickly, and you should practice under strict time pressure. If you do take as long as you want then you will get most of the answers correct, but it is under time pressure that you are more likely to misread questions and make silly mistakes.

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  1. avatar says

    Am having problem in my revision concerning f2 and f3 multiple choice questions, i’ve revised it several times by working it work on repeat.
    So i don’t know till exam how an going to do.
    Should I continue to practice the same exercises?

  2. avatar says

    Now i m at the age of 29 working with qatar airways. i admitted in cat in 2009 that time i passed 2 papers but bcoz of financial prolem i couldn’t proceed Now i want to start with diploma in accountacy. pls someone advise me whether i should start again or not? and if i start it will work for me or not……

    • avatar says

      Hi! I’m just a student, hence not experienced enough to advise will it work for you or not! I just read ur post so im replying, if you’ve been giving the annual subscription fee then you can continue with the CAT qualification (the ACCA changed it’s name to FIA (Foundations In Accountancy) now. You can easily start with Diploma in accountancy with the papers as FAB, FMA and FFA! along with an online free of cost FIP (Foundations in Professionalism) module you’ll get the diploma. From here you can easily continue with the ACCA qualification staring with F4 onwards. and according to me i.e my experience with my fellow friends, some of them started along your age too. it worked for them. Just a bit long way through! and was a bit hectic, you know handling the job and studies at the same time. But it shall be fine!

      Hope this helped.
      Good Luck! :)

  3. avatar says

    I have failed f2 for four times. Am always in the 40’s but never get 50. I tried all i could and this will be my fith time of sitting this paper could anyone advise me to wat to do now inorder to pass

  4. avatar says

    I am using the Kaplan F2 book and I prefer BPP books too. Practice the exam questions from the revision book and that is the way you will learn, rather than reading lots of notes. You will pass, just persevere. Rather attempt this exam via CBE.

  5. avatar says

    I Just failed F2 for the second time, I am using the Kaplan study text, pocket notes, revision kit, I am thinking of get BPP, Does anybody know what I can do next or where to go? what to study? I have also done the lectures and revision lectures on open tuition, disheartened big heart

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