ACCA Past Exams: Questions and Answers

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(ACCA does not publish past F1, F2 and F3 exams – to practice you need to buy Revision Kit for these exams)

F1 Accountant in Business Specimen Exam Paper

F1 (Full Exam) Questions) | F1 (Full Exam) Answers
F1 (Extra MTQs) Questions | F1 (Extra MTQs) Answers

See also F1 Revision Mock exam 


F2 Management Accounting Specimen Exam Paper

F2-Management Accounting (Full Exam) | F2 (Full Exam) Answers
F2-Management Accounting (Extra MTQs) | F2 (Extra MTQs) Answers

See also F2 Mock exam 

F3 Financial Accounting Specimen Exam Paper

F3-Financial Accounting (Full Exam) | F3 (Full Exam) Answers
F3-Financial Accounting (Extra MTQs) | F3 (Extra MTQs) Answers

See also F3 Mock exam 

F4 Specimen Exam Paper (ENG & GLO)

Paper F4 Past Exams ENG (Q&A) | Paper F4 Past Exams GLO (Q&A)

See also F4 GLO free practice test (Section A) | F4 ENG free practice test (Section A)

F5 Specimen ExamF5 Past Exams

See also  F5 CBE mock exam | F5 Revision Kit Live


F6 Specimen Exam | F6 past exam papers

(These exams are out of date, you need to get Updated Revision kit)


F7 Specimen Exam | F7 Past exam papers

See also F7 objective test exam (Section A) |  F7 Revision Kit live


F8 Specimen Exam | F8 Past exam papers

See also: F8 Mock exam | F8 Practice QuestionsF8 Revision kit live


F9 Specimen Exam | F9 Past exam papers

See also  F9 practice test (Section A)  | F9 Revision kit live



P1 specimen exams | P1 Past exam papers

see also: ACCA P1 lectures


P2 Corporate Reporting

P2 International variant questions |  P2 UK variant questions

P2 UK Specimen Exam


P3 Specimen exam | P3 Past exam papers

See also  P3 revision lectures solving past ACCA questions ]


P4 Specimen ExamP4 past exam papers

See also P4 Revision lectires based on Past Questions


P5 Specimen ExamP5 Past Exam Papers

[See also P5 revision lectures based on ACCA questions]


P6 Advanced Taxation

(These exams are out of date,  you need to get updated Revision kit)


P7 Past  exam papers:  International variant | UK variant

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    i would like to know in the past paper for DEC 2010 number 4 ABC, how come when computing machine running costs, the machines hours per unit as given in the question ( 0.5 (A), 0.7 (B) &0.9 (C)) are not the ones that were used? The examiner used the total totals for each unit under the part for ABC costing. Thanks

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