ACCA Past Exams: Questions and Answers

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(ACCA does not publish past F1, F2 and F3 exams – to practice you need to buy Revision Kit for these exams)

F1 Accountant in Business Pilot Paper

See also F1 Revision Mock exam | ACCA F1 – CBE Demonstration

F2 Management Accounting Pilot Paper

See also F2 Mock exam |  ACCA F2 – CBE Demonstration

F3 Financial Accounting Pilot Paper

See also F3 Mock exam  | ACCA F3 – CBE Demonstration

F4 Corporate and Business Law

See also F4 GLO objective test exam (Section A) | F4 ENG objective test exam (Section A)

F5 Performance Management

See also  F5 CBE mock exam 

F6 Taxation (These exams are out of date, you need to get Updated Revision kit)

F7 Financial Reporting

See also F7 objective test exam (Section A) |  F7 revision kit live ]

F8 Audit and Assurance

See also: F8 objective test exam (Section A)

F9 Financial Management

See also  F9 objective test exam (Section A)



P1 Professional Accountant (PA)

P2 Corporate Reporting (CR)International variant | UK variant

P3 Business Analysis (BA) [See also  P3 revision lectures solving past ACCA questions ]

P4 Advanced Financial Management (AFM)

P5 Advanced Performance Management (APM)  [See also P5 revision lectures based on ACCA questions]

P6 Advanced Taxation (ATX) UK variant – (These exams are out of date,  you need to get updated Revision kit)

P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) International variant | UK variant

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    I need assistance
    i would like to know in the past paper for DEC 2010 number 4 ABC, how come when computing machine running costs, the machines hours per unit as given in the question ( 0.5 (A), 0.7 (B) &0.9 (C)) are not the ones that were used? The examiner used the total totals for each unit under the part for ABC costing. Thanks

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