ACCA Past Exams: Questions and Answers

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(ACCA does not publish past F1, F2 and F3 exams – to practice you need to buy Revision Kit for these exams)

F1 Accountant in Business Specimen Exam Paper

F1 (Full Exam) Questions) | F1 (Full Exam) Answers
F1 (Extra MTQs) Questions | F1 (Extra MTQs) Answers

See also F1 Revision Mock exam 


F2 Management Accounting Specimen Exam Paper

F2-Management Accounting (Full Exam) | F2 (Full Exam) Answers
F2-Management Accounting (Extra MTQs) | F2 (Extra MTQs) Answers

See also F2 Mock exam 

F3 Financial Accounting Specimen Exam Paper

F3-Financial Accounting (Full Exam) | F3 (Full Exam) Answers
F3-Financial Accounting (Extra MTQs) | F3 (Extra MTQs) Answers

See also F3 Mock exam 

F4 Specimen Exam Paper (ENG & GLO)

Paper F4 Past Exams ENG (Q&A) | Paper F4 Past Exams GLO (Q&A)

See also F4 GLO free practice test (Section A) | F4 ENG free practice test (Section A)

F5 Specimen ExamF5 Past Exams

See also  F5 CBE mock exam | F5 Revision Kit Live


F6 Specimen Exam | F6 past exam papers

(These exams are out of date, you need to get Updated Revision kit)


F7 Specimen Exam | F7 Past exam papers

See also F7 objective test exam (Section A) |  F7 Revision Kit live


F8 Specimen Exam | F8 Past exam papers

See also: F8 Mock exam | F8 Practice QuestionsF8 Revision kit live


F9 Specimen Exam | F9 Past exam papers

See also  F9 practice test (Section A)  | F9 Revision kit live



P1 specimen exams | P1 Past exam papers

see also: ACCA P1 lectures


P2 Corporate Reporting

P2 International variant questions |  P2 UK variant questions

P2 UK Specimen Exam


P3 Specimen exam | P3 Past exam papers

See also  P3 revision lectures solving past ACCA questions ]


P4 Specimen ExamP4 past exam papers

See also P4 Revision lectires based on Past Questions


P5 Specimen ExamP5 Past Exam Papers

[See also P5 revision lectures based on ACCA questions]


P6 Advanced Taxation

(These exams are out of date,  you need to get updated Revision kit)


P7 Past  exam papers:  International variant | UK variant

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    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      It would help if you said for which paper – F3 or F7.

      If it is for F7 then you can download past exam questions and answers from the ACCA website. If it is for F3 then past exam questions are not released by the ACCA.

      In either case you should buy a Revision Kit from one of the ACCA approved publishers (as we stress throughout this website). They contain lots of exam standard questions to practice on, and practice is vital if you want to pass the exam.

  1. avatar says

    Sir, for the paper F6.
    What do you mean by “These exams are out of date” ??
    Do you mean that the syllabuses for past papers F6 are completely different with the new syllabus now??
    Do you mean that it is useless to practice all the past papers for F6 because it is out of date??

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