ACCA pass rates December 2011 Exams

ACCA Pass rates have now been announced for December 2011 exams. Candidates around the world took more than 363,000 papers, with 6,313 students successfully completing their final ACCA exams.

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December 2011 session ACCA Qualification pass rates:

Paper F1, Accountant in Business, 63%*
Paper F2, Management Accounting, 53%*
Paper F3, Financial Accounting, 54%*
Paper F4, Corporate and Business Law, 49%
Paper F5, Performance Management, 38%
Paper F6, Taxation, 48%
Paper F7, Financial Reporting, 56%
Paper F8, Audit and Assurance, 36%
Paper F9, Financial Management, 38%
Paper P1, Governance, Risk and Ethics, 51%
Paper P2, Corporate Reporting, 48%
Paper P3, Business Analysis, 51%
Paper P4, Advanced Financial Management, 34%
Paper P5, Advanced Performance Management, 29%
Paper P6, Advanced Taxation, 39%
Paper P7, Advanced Audit and Assurance, 31%

December 2011 session FIA pass rates

Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting
Paper FA1, Recording Financial Transactions, 69%*
Paper MA1 Management Information, 65%*
Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting
Paper FA2, Maintaining Financial Records, 62%*
Paper MA2, Managing Costs and Finance, 57%*
Diploma in Accounting and Business
Paper FAB, Accountant in Business, 46%
Paper FMA, Management Accounting, 41%
Paper FFA, Financial Accounting, 42%
Foundation Specialist papers
Paper FAU, Foundations in Audit, 53%
Paper FTX, Foundations in Taxation, 70%
Paper FFM, Foundations in Financial Management, 40%

* Combined pass rates for paper-based and computer-based exams.

Clare Minchington, ACCA executive director – learning, said:

‘We congratulate those who have succeeded in their exams – and we are delighted to see that more than 6,000 have completed their examinations, having been able to demonstrate the financial knowledge and professional skills which are needed by organisations in challenging economic conditions. We look forward to welcoming them to ACCA membership on completion of their practical experience requirement.



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