ACCA P5 Key to success

ACCA P5 – Nature of the paper

ACCA P5 Paper – Advanced Performance Management – is concerned F2 and is concerned with managing the business so as to achieve better performance. Most of the topics were introduced in Paper F2 and F5, but are examined at a higher level. This does not mean that any calculations are more difficult, but you are now at a management level and should show a greater critical awareness of the difficulties in measuring and management performance.

Structure of the ACCA P5 paper

Part A One compulsory question 50 marks.
Part B Two from three questions each of 25 marks

Emphasis of the P5 exam

You will find that you will have already covered most of the technical content in this exam either in F2 or F5. However, the questions, particularly in Part A, present you with much more information that you would have been presented with in an F5 question. Often you are asked to devise or criticise performance measures, assess performance, criticise and improve the way in which information is presented. As suggested in the first paragraph, you have to think of yourself in the role of chief accountant or finance director rather that being in the role of an accounts assistant.

How to pass ACCA P5 Paper

Use the OpenTuition P5 lectures along with the P5 Course Notes. Make sure you know the theories and techniques and can follow the worked questions in the lectures.

When you are confident of a topic then practise as many past exam questions as you can. You will be expected to work very quickly through any calculations as these are regarded as relatively simple. The real importance in the exam is usually your critical assessment of the results of the calculations. Remember, although Question 1, in particular, often sets out a large and forbidding amount of information, you have 15 minutes reading time at the start of the exam. You should use that time to become thoroughly familiar with the longer question in Part A of the exam.

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  1. Profile photo of elegant11 says

    I have come down for the 5th time and am really frustrated. Its been too long i have been stuck in this single paper. I just cant figure out where am going wrong. I managed to pass all other papers but this is just a pain.The last session was the most frustrating and just don’t know as to why the examiner want to fail students in such a harsh manner.
    Some one please advice !!!

  2. avatar says

    I have failed paper P5 two times. the first time i failed with 45%, i thought i had not covered enough but to my surprise, i had a lower mark of 37% the second time i attempted it and this time i thought i had prepared adquately.

    what should i do? Help

  3. avatar says

    I sat P5 as my last exam I’ve passed all exams first time but failed in Dec-13 with 42% :( I’m not entirely sure where I have messed up in the exam I know when sitting it it was not what I expected and didn’t really cover slot of the syllabus When reading the answers they seem similar to what I put but I think maybe I waffled a bit or went off on a tangent rather than sticking to the question. Where should I start for my resit just question practice?

    • avatar says

      It is very disturbing to see so many messages about P5. I failed the first attempt with 41,but passed it in the second attempt with 71 marks. I would request all to please go through the exam technique and past exam papers available on ACCA website. The course notes and lectures on Opentuition are also very helpful. I did not attempt any mock papers in exam conditions but went through the past exam papers several times. Infact, I was working in my office the earlier day before exam, so be relaxed on the exam day hoping for the worst but give your best in the paper thinking in your mind that worst come worst you will have to resit the paper. Do not be afraid to write what you think, there are no negative marks for the wrong answer. It worked for me and I am an average guy, so it can work with all of you. All the Best.

      • avatar says

        I like your advice and very much agree. It’s hard to revise for this exam since it’s less about knowledge and more about interpreting the scenario. Do as many original exam papers as you can so you can get a feel for the examiners questions. Do all the calculations on your own the first time and understand the theory behind them, do not just memorise the calculation as it will never be the same again. I’ve failed twice & re-sat today so feel free to ignore my advice!

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