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    John….please ignore my query because the notes actually have the correct figures, I was following the lectures and practicing examples without checking the answers at the back.

    Ps: The answer to example 10 has the same figures as I got so panic over – phew!

    Apologies but you might want to check the lecture – The Cost of Capital (part 3), example 10.

    Many thanks once again.

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    Hi John,

    In lecture The Cost of Capital (part 3) – example 10, should the annuity for 5% would have been 5.076? In the lecture you have used 4.917 which is 6%, can you please review this?

    Many thanks for the great lectures and sense of humour(::)!!.

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    Hi sir.This one is regarding MACAULAY DURATION . in bpp text it says when yield decreases duration increases but in an example i did(opentuition notes.ch8.Example4) lowering the yield has now effect on the duration.Why is that ?

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    hi , I know this is a noob question at this level but why in example 10 when i use 10% and 15% to calculate IRR i get the different value in comparison to what you have used in the question. I recall this has something to do with using one possitive npv and one negative for IRR calculation.But please would u be kind enough to elaborate.Thanks

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      You can use any two guesses to calculate the IRR, but because the relationship is not linear then different guesses will give slightly different answers.
      This is not a problem in the exam – you get full marks.

      Ideally we would have one positive NPV and one negative, but even that is not essential .

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    In example 10 the an annuity for 6% was incorrectly used that is 4.917. It should be at 5% for 6yrs at 5.076 as the disc rate for 5% in 6 yrs was used. This is where IRR was being calculated for cost of Debt to the company. I know the concept remains the same and was just an error but for future reference i thought i should just mentioned it… the IRR was actually 7.5% not much of a difference any ways

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      Thanks – I will check the lecture tonight (and the answer at the back of the course notes) and if it is wrong, then I will have it corrected. (I cannot check at the moment because I am away from home).

      I do apologise if I have made a mistake.

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        Your welcome… But mistakes happen sometimes. I only mentioned it so for future reference. However, when i looked at the last lecture on Cost of capital, that is the lecture on EXAMPLE 10 only. The correct rate was used there. But i must say your lecture help me understand the Cost of Capital so well. Thanks a mil. You are doing a great Job. Thanks again.

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