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    Hello Sir,

    Season’s Greeting! I hope you had a great holiday and that 2014 is a great year for you.

    I am writing to ask for some advise please: I do not have a tuition provider in my city and therefore my current method is self study using the BBP books, Open Tuition (thank you very much) and past exam papers. I am only able to take one paper per exam sitting as I work full-time on a reduced hours basis. Having said that, while studying for paper F9, I was dreading paper P4 as I was not very happy with this subject even though I felt comfortable with some parts of this syllabus. However, I recently sat paper F9 on Dec 6th and although it was not extremely easy nor difficult, I was able to answer all parts of each question and so I am hoping for a pass. Can you please advise whether I should purchase the text and begin studying for paper P4 since F9 is still very fresh in my mind and I’ve gained a level of confidence I didn’t seem to have before I took the exam? Or would you advise me to continue in the normal sequential order of sitting paper P1 in June? followed by P2 in Dec?

    I’ve read as much articles I can about how to choose your options but am still unsure as I was previously planning on sitting the Tax and Audit papers when the time arrived. I currently work in the Insurance industry as an Accounting Clerk and so I do not have enough financial nor performance managerial experience to guide in this decision. However, my ultimate dream is to one day become a professional tutor such as yourself.

    Kindly advise. Thank you,

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      I am afraid that the ACCA does not allow you to take P4 until you have passed P1, P2 and P3. You have to take these first.

      The only way round it is to take P1, P2, P3 and P4 at the same time, but that is a lot to try and pass in one sitting. You can of course apply for all four of them and not turn up for all of them – any you pass will still remain passes – but it is an expensive way of doing it.

      • Avatar of sonria says

        Thank you very much sir,
        I was not aware of this. You’ve really helped me a lot. I will take P1 in June and P2 in December.
        Thanks again for always being there for us,

  2. avatar says

    Hi, thanks for the notes !!!!
    A question!
    In example 6 of chapter 7 (p4) shouldn’t we use the rearranged formula for the Growth model using instead of D0, D0*(1+g)^2 to calculate the price of the share in 2 yrs time? The way it is shown in the lecture I think it assumes that no dividends will be given out. Am I right?

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