• Avatar of John Moffat says

      Sorry – it was a very long time ago.
      It has been removed from the notes because (as the notes say) you can no longer be asked for calculations on portfolio theory.
      You can only be expected to be aware of the idea.

  1. Avatar of chiclarence says

    in the examples we have had so far we are combining two investments or chose one from a group to combine with an already existing investment. in real life we may have to combine more than 2 investments. is there a formula for this?
    thank you

      • Avatar of John Moffat says

        It could be, but please make sure you have noticed that the Course Notes stress that the examiner has said that he will no longer ask portfolio calculations (and will no longer therefore give the formula). However he can expect you to be able to explain the idea.
        That is the reason that I have left the chapter in the notes (and the lectures) – not because you can be asked for the arithmetic, but because it might help you make sense of the idea behind it.

  2. avatar says

    I had a problem, I know that the best thing to do was to work the question out however just looking at the options. A has a return of 8% and risk of 5% while B provide the same return for a lower risk and also has a positive correlation with Janis current protfolio.
    Could i have use that to eliminate A immediate/

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