1. avatar says

    I am attempting p4 for the first time and planning not to take any classes. I plan to watch all of these lectures from sir John nd study from KAPLAN text book nd solve its Revision Kit!. Will that serve me any good?? can i rely on these lectures/?? because the previous 4 lectures of p4 that i saw recently are very well known to me from F9. So now iam a bit confused that are the entire list of lectures somewhat revision of f9???! please ild be thankfull if uld solve my confusion soon.!!

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      The Kaplan text book and revision kit are fine – you should be OK with them

      A lot of P4 is revision of F9 – there is not a lot extra (but to say the entire list of lectures is revision is wrong and ridiculous – option pricing for example?).

      The problem with P4 is not that there is so much extra to learn, but you are required to apply it in greater depth – you can only really get this from question practice from the revision kit.

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