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      The trade date is the date we arrange the FRA. The spot date is when the arranging is finalised (usually 2 days after the trade date, but this is not a fixed rule). The fixing date is usually 2 days before the settlement date ( the date the loan starts) and is the day when the payment to be transferred if fixed.

      I would be very surprised if you were tested on these terms in P4 – it is not that sort of exam.

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    In the FRA agreement example the difference is setteled with the bank at the start of the loan and interest would be payble at the end.

    For loans with longer time periods the difference in timing might have a significant effect, would we have to take into account this when calculating the effective interest? Or is it unlikely to be asked of us in the exam?

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      @htung00, That is usually the case (settle at the beginning and interest at the end) but it really depends on the agreement with the bank. It is unlikely to be relevant in the exam (it never has been!) but it would be good to mention it if you get the chance.

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