ACCA P4 Key to success

Nature of the ACCA P4 paper

ACCA P4 Paper – Advanced Financial Management – is concerned with managing the finances of a business, and is a continuation of Paper F9. There are a few new topics to learn, but most of the topics were introduced in Paper F9.

Structure of the ACCA P4 paper

There are two sections to the exam.

Section A contains ONE compulsory question of 50 marks.

Section B is a choice of TWO from three questions, each carrying  25 marks. There are 3 hours for the exam, plus 15 minutes of reading time.

Most of the questions are mainly calculation, although there are a fair number of written sections in each. One of the three choice questions is always completely written.

Emphasis of the ACCA P4 exam

Although a large part of the syllabus has already been examined in Paper F9, this examination is testing much more the application of this earlier knowledge. The compulsory question will almost certainly involve writing a report and will present you with a large amount of information. The difficulty is as much interpreting the given information, and deciding what is important, as being able to apply learned techniques.

How to pass ACCA P4 exam

Use the OpenTuition ACCA P4 lectures along with the P4 Course Notes. Make sure that you are happy with the arithmetic, but also listen carefully to the lectures and check that you really do understand the techniques and the theories.

It is then of vital importance that you practise as many past exam questions as you can – especially from Section A. Do not expect to get the answers completely correct! In fact more often than not there is no ‘correct’ answer. It depends on what assumptions are made, and provided you make sensible assumptions (and that you state your assumptions) you will still get the marks – even if some of your assumptions differ from those made in the model answer.

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  1. avatar says

    2nd Attempt…
    Took Classes From Abeel….
    Found it unsatisfactory….
    Got Fracture….
    @ Home From Last 2 Weeks…
    Any Tips How 2 Tackle this Paper…..
    Also Working Full Time….
    Didn’t touched buks in last 2 weeks….
    HELP!!!! HELP!!!! HELP!!!

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      I don’t know who Abeel is….but however.

      It is time to open your books!!! A lot of the syllabus is a repeat from Paper F9, but instead of giving the information direct (certainly in the compulsory question) you are expected to find the relevant information yourself from the scenario.
      So….make sure that you really did understand what you were doing in F9 (and that you were not just relying on learning ‘rules’. – if necessary go back through F9 again first).

      There are some new topics. All of them are covered in our Course Notes, and for most of them we have lectures. You obviously must work through these properly (together with a Study Text if you have one).

      Remember that it is never the final answer itself that matters – everything you do is marked separately and you will get the marks if it is clear what you are trying to do (even if you get the wrong figures). So make sure that even if you get stuck somewhere that you do what you can and that you make your workings clear. Again, if it is clear what you are trying to do then you will get marks.

      Do try and do something for every part of every question. It does not matter if you do not finish every part – you are trying to get 50%.

      Always write something for the written parts. Very often, they are not technical and are more related to P3. Writing anything sensible will always get some marks even if you cannot manage a complete answer.

      Practice is the key to the whole thing. You must work through every question that you can get hold of – certainly all the past exam questions, but preferably from one of the Revision/Exam Kits from one of the approved publishers.

  2. avatar says

    Sitting paper in December for the 3rd time – didn’t take the June paper as decided to take a break from it – this is also my last paper so really focused on passing this time… I guess question practice is the key. I am using open tuition for the first time as a study aid – any tips on how to get the best from this site? Many thanks.

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      Read the Course Notes and watch the lectures.
      However as you say, most important of all is to practice questions. You must get hold of a revision/exam kit from one of the approved publishers.
      Then come back to this site and ask about any problems you have using the Ask the Tutor forum.

  3. avatar says

    can anyone please give me further clarification on how to calculate the closing futures price ,if not given .tried it,on one question, using the example give by open tuition on but i got it wrong .instead of using the mid point spot rate ,they used buying rate of the spot to get the basis points .my question is how do we use the rate if its not mid point rate.

  4. Profile photo of pankajvs says

    Hi Gilbert! I am sitting for this paper a second time around in december. It is one of my last paper! It would be nice to have a dedicated study buddy so i can get through it in december and get it over with!

  5. avatar says

    I failed this paperr for the second time and have started studying for the Dec exam session. It is the only paper left for me to complete the qualification. Anyone reading for this one paper please get in touch so that we may study together. I am in South Africa.

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