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    Anyone help please…!
    I am not taking lectures from any institute and gonna take lectures from open tuition.
    Can i fully rely on these lectures? if anyone have done form here please reply.
    anyone reply please .
    Thank you.

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      Hi arsii88 and all.
      I have seen all lectures from LSBF(old version 2011). and trust me dont waste your time.You can always try but its up to you.
      As per Opentution lectures i just finish watching them all and its absolutely quality lectures, I love the style of the teacher and all explanation is great and i understand p4 in depth.

      Remember its only one and half month left so take the lectures if you already haven’t seen them and do the kit

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    Hi Open Tuttion Team

    I am only able to listen to the first 5 mins of the introduction and then it gets cut off on its own if though i have good network. please assist….and I am not able to listen to part 1 of cost of equity…it completely does not run on my laptop..please help……otherwise great piece of wor…i can see myself passing with flying colours

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