1. avatar says

    I would like to ask that will there be any updated lectures because I was just watching the Introduction lecture and it referred to the old exam paper format?
    In short, I just want to make sure that are these lectures according to the latest syllabus guide or will there be any changes made to them in near future for December 2013 attempt?

    Thank you


    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      So much depends on how much time you have available for studying.

      P1 and P3 are almost entirely written papers, whereas P4 has a lot of detailed calculations. If you passed F9 easily then P4 is not too bad. If you found F9 difficult then P4 is a lot more difficult :-)

      Why not start studying for all three and see how you go, but the minute you find that there is too much for you then drop to just P1 and P3.

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