ACCA Paper P3 Quiz – P3 Model Application Test

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  1. avatar says

    The only problem I have with this quiz is Q.3 The characteristics of several products are described and you are asked to suggest what should be done with each. The answer given was BCG. But I read in BPP text that Johnson and Scholes said that the matrix should not be used to assess products. Just food for taught.

  2. avatar says

    wow. i scored 100%. thanks to my sir, David Laws. He has given me some good tips about how to handle these sort of questions. I hope that on 10th i would repeat the same. i just need prayers and good luck

  3. avatar says

    I scored 83%. I am aiming at the 100% score in the exams. I would love more quiz especially on those areas where a greater % of the students find very challenging so that I can sharpen myself for the exams to achieve the highest score.
    Thank you.

  4. avatar says

    Q.3 The characteristics of several products are described and you are asked to suggest what should be done with each.
    Ans: BCG matrix.

    Is that correct?? I thought BCG matrix must be used on Business units not on products. Can some one assure me which one is right?

  5. avatar says

    Hi there,

    About make-up, i think you can consider it as the image of that business. For example, people knows KFC for having good and tasty fried chicken due to its secret recipe (brand),or cabin crew with white scarf and grey-colored uniform is a trademark for Etihad Airways.

      • Profile photo of nishina says

        @hh176, Okay thank you about d explaination.. So it is something about the brand image of the co right? Then y do they call make up? Is it just they want to put letter M at the front so that they can call 9 m’s?

      • avatar says

        @nishina, yes, as far as i understand, it’s something to do with the brand and image of the co.

        y ‘make up’? well.. like you said, maybe they simply want to have the ‘M’ word… or, IMO, you can simply relate to the fact that ladies wear make up for their image. if you have good make up, you’ll have good image. i think you can apply the same in here.

      • Profile photo of nishina says

        okay, really2 understand what u explain..
        i seldomly use any make-up, that is why cannot relate to the situation. he he btw if u’re taking exam today, a best of luck to you..
        thank you so much!

      • Profile photo of nishina says

        @goldhungry, hello there, the M model relates to the internal environment, where an org needs to have capabilities in terms of resources and competences.
        The M model relates to the resources, the 6/9M’s :
        Management Info System (MIS)

        :) Good Luck for P3!!

      • avatar says

        @nishina, thx. but i only learn the six Ms method. do u mind explaining makeup and market. Is market = market base of the organisation?

      • Profile photo of nishina says

        im so sorry but i do think you should ask the lecturer from open tuition. his name is Gromit. im afraid im giving you false statement pertaining this 2 Ms but what i understand,
        Market : you’re correct, the market base of the org as how they can market their product to the customers ( either penetrate, or product/market development)

        Make-up : im not sure why they call make-up, but the main considerations given are pertaining to the structure and system of an org and also the branding.

    • Profile photo of gololo says

      Here is a copy and paste of the download – hope this helps:
      P3 Best Model Application Test
      1 B
      A BCG looks at the market share and market growth rate of products.
      B PESTEL looks at the environment: political, economic, social,
      technological, ecological and legal.
      D The M model is used as a list to remind you of resources (internal):
      money, management, manufacturing, etc.
      2 D
      A Analyses stakeholders
      B BCG looks at the market share and market growth rate of products.
      C Looks at strategic direction
      D Considers volatility/complexity and strategic importance of the process.
      3 B
      A Looks at the industry attractiveness
      B BCG looks at the market share and market growth rate of products and
      categorises them as problem children, stars, cash cows and dogs.
      C Generally, looks at how the organisation adds value by what it does
      D A method of setting objectives and judging performance.
      4 A
      A Very different organisations imply very different cultures and the factors
      influencing culture are described by the cultural web.
      B Looks at strategic direction.
      C Relates to project management
      D Cost leadership/differentiation/focus. Might have some relevance to this
      question if one company were a cost leader and the other a
      differentiator. Problems might be caused by these differences.
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      5 C
      A Generally, looks at how the organisation adds value by what it does
      B This is marketing (product/services)
      C The CEO is pushing for change and this model looks at the context of
      change and the design choices.
      D This is a development of Porter’s generic strategies.
      6 D
      Johnson and Scholes:
      Suitability is concerned with whether a strategy addresses the circumstances
      in which an organisation is operating. So, PESTEL describes the
      environmental circumstances. 5 Forces would describe the competitive
      Feasibility is concerned with whether the organisation has the resources and
      competences to deliver a strategy. The M model lists resources for
      Acceptability is concerned with the expected performance outcomes of a
      strategy. The stakeholders are interested in the performance outcomes and
      Mendelow’s matrix describes the power and interest of the stakeholders.
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