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    hi to admin and all,
    I am looking forward to do self study for p3 for the june 15 attempt.
    i just wanna confirm do these lectures cover the whole syllabus.
    is there any thing additional we need to do along with these lectures.
    guys reply please
    thanks in advance.

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      Live are live in front of students; studio are done sitting at a desk. There is a difference in style which you might want to investigate. The notes were developed from the studio lectures so what you read is almost what you hear. Some people like that.

      There are some missing elements from the live lectures whichare covered in teh studio lectures.

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    Admin i need help, i asked a question in P3 course notes and i got the reply from acca0393 but and when i clicked the link from msn to see the reply i couldnt find any comment made there. I am really sorry to bother you and ask you the same question here, but could you help me by answering here again? My question is whether i could use Emily Woolf text book of 2010, are there major changes or should i be buying the latest version for bpp or kaplan.
    Looking forward for your answer
    Kind Regards

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      2010 – I can’t remember all the syllabus changes since then. The main ones to worry about is that now there is a substantial amount of F5 material that could be set in questions: variance analysis, contribution analysis, expected values and decision trees etc. That is probably not in the Emile Woolf material from 2010, but that’s OK. We have revision material on this site.

      Other than that, not much new.

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      Lectures are not downloadable,
      That’s the only way we can provide them free, if people would start downloading – we close down the site and no new lectures!

      BUT you can watch on line, as many times as you wish

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