More Complex Group Structures Example 1

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      Thanks for this – it was in there until this close season when there was a slight “consistency” amendment and unfortunately the “200,000 $1 Equity shares” managed to lose its “200,000”

      When admin returns from holiday I’ll get him to make the correction

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    In this example when we calculate the GW for Aija, we calculate it gross, i.e. GW of parent + GW of NCI. But when we calculate the GW for Talis, we calculate only the GW of the parent. Am I right or wrong? I am a little bit confused …

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    I’m having problems too. The video lecture box does not appear on the screen for any of the chapters of P2. I have tried opening other Paper lectures and it seems to be working ok, but it’s only this. Please let me know. Thanks

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