IAS 28 Associate Companies and Joint Ventures Example 1

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  1. Avatar of Saad Bin Aziz says

    june’s coming closer and closer, these lectures have always helped us immensely but this ias 28 issue relating to jv has terribly confused us, kindly look into it mike/admin….
    Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated!

    • Avatar of terrygeez says

      @Saad Bin Aziz, I’m a little confused too. Does the comment from Mike way down below mean we treat Saulius like Alex i.e. a single line showing our share of the PAT of Saulius added to Danuta’s PBT in their ConSOCI? How I love acronyms.

  2. Avatar of Saad Bin Aziz says

    Dear Mike ,
    After reading the comments below i am confused terribly as to whether this lecture is still valid? i mean are we not supposed to consolidate revenues and all? and only do it like associate accounting?
    And yes , the video blanks out after 28th min,…..

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