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    Thank you opentuition for the free resources,i do have a question in relation to risk ,i didn’t hear anywhere in the video lectures the mention of COSO framework,which is v impt , and now i wounder how close are this lectures to the syllabus

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      I could have read from a text book and recorded the reading. That way I could have ensured that everything in the syllabus had been covered to exactly the same depth as the text book suggests.

      Do you want me to do that?

      You consider COSO to be “v impt” whereas I didn’t see it as a major matter worthy of more than a brief mention

      There is nothing ever in my lectures to say “Don’t read around the subject if you want to gain a deeper understanding of topic areas”

      If you consider COSO to be v impt, then read around the topic.


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        Hi Mike,I detect a slightly ironic approach in your answer :) ,thank you for your that anyway,as you see the question was,is it enough to listen to this video’s to pass the exam?do i have to focus on other areas that are not mentioned in them ,you see we all are trying to cover all diff scenarios,so we wont be left short in the exam,surely you can understand that,is risk management isn’t?

      • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

        Certainly I understand and respect your thorough approach (no irony!) Seriously, I didn’t at the time of preparing the lectures feel that a separate section on COSO was warranted.

        And, seriously again, should you personally feel that COSO IS important, important enough to want to know more, then by all means check it out.

        The notes have stood the test of time well and are all still very relevant. In addition, there are posts on this site from successful students that claim the only work done in preparation is reading the course notes and watching the lectures

        It’s clearly your choice but we none of us claim that the course notes are a substitute for a study text

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        Thank you very much for your prompt answer.
        I do benefit from the lectures,no doubt about it,you make it easy again in comparison to text books,and certainly the your expertise its highly valuable.
        All due respect!!

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    I appreciate the knowledge of mr. Mike about the subject, but I must say that I resent the fact, that the guy moved to the Baltics and still mixes it up with the Balkans. Quite English I would dare to say.
    Apart from that, I really do like the lectures, and the quality is at the appropriate level. Examples Mike comes up with are genuinly helping me to memorise what needs to be memorised.
    So thank you for that.

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Er, no! Having lived 10 years in the Baltics, it really is most unlikely that I’m going to confuse them with the Balkans. It may be that I was telling a story (as a digression) in which I probably referred to English people generally having not much idea about the geographical location of the Baltics often confusing them with the Balkans.

      And before thousands of English people start writing in in protest, just ask among your pals if they know where the Baltics are!

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    @MikeLittle I had no idea you were so knowledgeable in regards to cricket as well! I mean, remembering Matt Prior’s name and his position in the English Cricket team goes to show you do follow cricket (to some extent). Wow, kinda impressive as I am quite passionate about the sport. 😀

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Relying on him tomorrow to rescue us from a losing position against Sri Lanka. Not holding out much hope, though. Seems to be a strong under-current of criticism asking for Cook to resign as captain.

      Idiot short-sighted fools!

      • avatar says

        Wow! Well, it really seems to be an uphill task for now but against all odds, if Prior could lead his team to a famous draw I’d consider that a moral victory for Captain Cook and Co.

        Let’s see how it unfolds.

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    Hello Mike. Is freedom of information going to come up at any point in exams? This is a becoming an ever increasing burden on resources. The public sector are under a lot of scrutiny and newspapers/unions are constantly digging. Queries usually concern top management, benefits, costs etc.

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