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    Talking of insurance against flying cars reminded me of a “force majeure” clause I read in a company’s contract.
    So it had the general provisions of “acts of God”, “natural calamities” etc. And there within the list was “Nuclear contamination, unless such contamination is caused by the auditors”.
    No idea how someone came up with that!

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    As it is said ‘No lunch is a free lunch’ – I always wonder how on this earth do you manage to provide such excellent tuition and not charge anything to anyone?
    How can it be a sustainable business model – I fail to understand…

    I am grateful for such quality study support. Thank you Mike Little, John Moffat and the whole team behind the scenes!!! Love you OpenTuition, Mike Little and John Moffat!

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    Sir i’m doing revision now and i have encountered in one question what embedding risk is now i know what embedding risk in the culture means but what does it mean embedding it in the system? can you pls help me with an example so i can understand it better
    Thanks a lot

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    Sir Mike,

    Thanks for the great lecture.
    I want to ask that in Chapter 9 – Risk Management in notes there is an point written:
    ” ALARP attitude to risk management”

    what ALARP stands for ?

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    Hi admin/ John
    i just notice that the video for internal control is missing and this is a very important topic in the P1 syllabus.
    There is a video title Internal audit and internal control but it only contain the internal audit bit.
    if the video for internal control is available please pretty please upload it for us.
    thanks for you free services.

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