P1 Chapter 5 Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

ACCA P1 lectures P1 notes


  1. avatar says

    Sir, is this contained/treated anywhere here: Study Guide E2d- concepts of ‘CSR
    strategy’ and ‘strategic CSR’

    I am thinking the latter is about ‘long term csr plan’ and the former ‘csr procedure’

    Not sure.


      • avatar says

        Sorry didn’t see the post below. Any suggestions on how to pass this exam?? apart from the obvious of studying. I have sat this exam 3 times already and each time I am getting 45%, just cant seem to get that extra 5%.

      • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

        Simply? Write more! Take the time to try to think of 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 points – however many the part question is worth. That should take up 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 minutes which then leaves you with just 1.3 minutes per mark.

        Try COPYING from an answer / text book and see how much you can write without having to think what you’re writing! That tells you the length of the points / sentences that you should be writing – each with its own – just ONE – markable point.

        Leave a line between your sentences. Use headings to group similar points together. PAY GREAT ATTENTION TO THE VERBS USED IN THE REQUIREMENTS! Identify and explain is probably half a mark for identify and one and a half for explain.

        “Construct an argument in favour of….” means just that! Don’t go off ata atangent arguing both ways! The question is asking for an argument in favour – it’s not a discussion question where you have to point out both pros and cons

        The ACCA and the examiner’s report consistently say that it’s quality, not quantity that counts. Ok, so write one brilliant sentence and score ????? One mark! Never mind what they say – 25 marks needs 25 marking opportunities for the marker to give you credit. Yes, sure, they should be quality points – but there should be 25 of them!

        Read the articles in Student accountant written by two of the P3 marking team from about 2 years ago. Read the article on exam technique for “General” and for “P1″ particularly on this site

        And dont be put off by the depth and length of the printed solutions in the revision kits! They are done not under time pressure and with reference books available to the authors! Or by the examiner himself – but he knows what he’s looking for when he writes the exam question

        And good luck!

  2. Profile photo of tandi says

    I think if one is not converted to be more aware of the environment and our impact after this lecture the you never will 😀
    Anyway Mike just to let you know I have printed the notes on an A5 booklet making that 4 pages in in one page. I had to print sorry!

  3. avatar says

    The lecture podcast for Corporate Governance and Social responsibility finishes on page 51 of the lecture notes. Can anyone tell me where to find the rest of the lecture, and also the lecture for chapter 6 Control systems?

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