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    Hi Mike Little,
    thank you for all your video lectures, they are a helpful alternative to studying from the text book which can be mind dulling! just one question if you don’t mind please Mike. In the P1 syllabus it states that the structure of the board should not be dominated by any individual or any group. However, a common characteristic of a single tier board is that control and management are in the hands of a single group of directors. Is this a contradiction between the two points or have I just misinterpreted the info! thanks again Mike you are brilliant at what you do and your lectures are actually quite entertaining!

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      Only “quite” entertaining! Now I’m upset


      The unified board is – as you suggest – a single group of people. But within that board there are the execs and the non-execs. In addition, the Chair and the CEO are both present on that unitary board.

      So the Chair is not able to dominate because the CEO is there as a balance. Equally, the CEO cannot dominate because the Chair is there to balance.

      And the same comments go for the execs (because the non-execs are a balance) and the non-execs (because the execs balance them)


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      Hmm, but an “OAP” in England is an Old Age Pensioner and the image of a pensioner having a spasm is possibly easier to envisage than a bar of soap under a slab of processed reconstituted meat from America!

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    Feels good to have a tutor who actually interacts with students and tries to find time to go around forums to answer their questions. Not to be an ingrate over the benevolence behind such an important, yet free site, but sometimes questions just go unanswered and as there is no (not sure) kind of feed/reminder/notifier, you never know the year your question gets answered or your worry cleared. This could be fixed, I believe. My only problem with Mike is he has so much experience/knowledge in this that he sometimes over-assumes and forgets to explain the basics or go slowly with calculations …or make connections with past/other topics to re-enlighten the student who is trying to put in so much stuff back-to-back, and often without much exam experience. If you listen to F6 lectures, you see that the tutor teaches as to babies, and I think that’s very effective. He starts with reviews of what has been covered, if possible, and tries to make summaries and resumes of the whole connection using a minute or two. Otherwise, with all the fun, tips and mnemonics etc, Mike’s an excellent (A+) teacher and for that, I can only say thanks!

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      @crye, Wow – there’s an in depth analysis! In my defence, I have to say that tax is a one-off with no connecting paper neither before nor after it ( unless you choose P6 which no-one in my part of the World does )

      In addition, I am constrained by time availability – just four and a half days to get through each paper. Not really got time for extended revision :-(

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        @MikeLittle, Well understood, sir. I wish as many of us as possible could read this and learn that all these lectures didn’t take up to a week to give! Thank you so much for everything; we’d be paying fortunes for all this if we hadn’t O.T!

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        @crye, I have no idea what a reply alert is but you are welcome to your opinions and feel free to make whatever comments you want. I will take on board what you said about quick revision but, frankly, I thought I already did that. Certainly I do for topics like consolidations and for paper P7 we have to revise the ACCOUNTING standards

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        @MikeLittle, Sir, by ‘reply alert’, I just meant the feature which makes it possible for users to get notified by email when their comments/posts on OT get responses/replies. For example, it was from my inbox I knew someone (you) had replied in this thread.
        Elsewhere, I’m really grateful and humbled you gave my worry a thought. May God bless uplift you!

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    Hello Mike. Loving your lectures on F7, P2 and now P1. What a fantastic contribution you are making to the world. Are you compensating for all those misdeeds in the past ? ;) It is certainly more interesting with your colourful examples! :)

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    Mr Mike is a great lecturer. He really explains the topics and uses a lot of examples for further clarification. If I forget the answer, i quickly remember the example,then start making points from the example and I then built on the points. I usually get the answer right. Thanks Mr Mike.

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