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    Are there any significant changes in a new revision of UK Corporate Governance Code (issued in Sep’14) in comparison to previous editions? Will this revised Code be tested in Jun’15 session?

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      Ideally, this is the sort of question that would be better on the Ask the Tutor page

      If documents are approved before 31 August in any year, they will be available for examining from 1September in the following year

      The Code was approved in September 2014 so is examinable from 1 September 2016

      No major changes in the syllabus


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    Hello Sir,

    In Kaplan text book it was stated that
    *Turnbull report was issued on 1999
    *Higgs, Tyson and Smith – 2003
    *Financial Reporting Council (re-draft of Combined Code) – 2003
    But OT notes states different years for Turnbull and new CGC

    Im confused and seek your guidance.
    Thank you in advance sir

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      No. Do you mean “company names” or are you referring to the names of the various recommendations like the Turnbull Report, Hampel Report and so on.

      IF you’re referring to those, there’s no need to remember them.

      If you’re referring to some companies that may be mentioned within the ‘Development of the UK CG Code 2010? then ….. there’s still no need to remember them

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