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    Hi Mike,

    Just wondering if pages 125, 126 and 127 have been removed from the syllabus as I see you skipped to 128 from 124 in your lecture? Maybe I have missed something though.

    Can you please advise?


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        Hi, chapter 19 is certainly new (2014) and not the subject of a recording for that reason

        Chapters 16, 17 and 18 have long been part of the syllabus but there was no time on the course (2 days lecturing, 2 days question practice) to lecture all the chapters


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    Hi sir Mike, I am usually a last moment person….But your lectures and the way you present it are amazing…..i relied 100% on your course notes and lectures and just after listening to the last lecture i read a past exam paper and i was confident in answering them….Your examples stick in mind and helps us to remember….Thank you so much :)

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    Dear Mike..little (I hope I’ve understood right from the comments above that this is your (the lecturer’s name:)),
    Well this is my first posting on OT, and it is because I can’t refrain from telling you how good you are!
    It takes a real talent/charisma to teach such a theoretical/ boring subject as P1 in such an entertaining and enjoyable way. Your paradigms are educational, so witty and humorous; I’m either smiling when listening or just laughing loudly …alone :).
    I don’t know whether I will pass P1 from the 1st time (too little time to study), but you contributed greatly to see it from deferent perspective and make me willing to attempt it.
    Thank you so very much!!

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      @liliana, Hi Liliana – yes, Mike Little really is my name …. but after all these years I’ve got used to it.

      What a lovely post – I’m pleased to have brought some pleasure to your studies and I wish you good luck in December with your P1 exam

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    Hi, just finsihed the course (first one with Opentution) and I thought it was very good. I have been doing online courses with variuos suppliers and I think this was just as good, if not better than one I have done before. It is very much appreciated having this available and with no cost, wish I had heard about it sooner… I would have saved a lot of money 😉 Great teacher, thanks again

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    Dear Admin,

    every time i open the lecture for P1 web page closes on its own and restarts. i am able to open all other papers lecture all ok and view them but having problem with p1. could you please help me with this.

    thank you

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    Mike, your lectures are very good structured and very helpful in order to understand papers. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experience and please keep doing the great job you do

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    Mike, please do not change anything in your lectures! They are wonderful, funny and interesting. I just love listening to your lectures.
    If somebody is time constrained they could use different resources that are precise and to the point. They can use Success CD with audio lectures or passcards or just read the book. Or course notes that are free.
    Here, we have the opportunity to listen to real person. It is like really studying at the university but from the comfort of our home.
    In my opinion Mike’s lectures are the best, he shares with us his thoughts, knowledge and experience and it allows us to see things from different perspective, something that books and other materials can’t do. It also helps to understand and remember the material.
    To be honest, I was not going to take any exam in June as I just had a baby but when I realised that Mike is lecturing I decided to try.
    I was laughing my head off when listened to F4 lectures and passed the exam with excellent marks.
    Mike, you are the best. Please just be yourself and don’t change anything. Thank you very much for sharing the lectures with us.

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      @Pappo-Baccha, Your post is an insult to the Open Tuition lectres. Imagine getting such good lectures for free and you are so rude. Why not buy some study material from LSBF? Dont stay here and waste your time.You are not forced to listen to free lectures on OT.
      Pay your money and go to school.

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    Due to time constraint I would appreciate very much if lecturers could make the lectures as precise as possible especially when giving examples to illustrate a principle. Thanks.

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