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    I really respect you for using Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) as example in ethics. I think most of the brothers and sisters misunderstood you as we tend to get a little emotional about our religion. And I wouldn’t mind you using Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) as example in fact I would like you to look into His(PBUH) history so you could better interpret and use Him(PBUH) as an example in such lectures.

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    Hi dear Mike!
    I’m not sure, maybe next example could be also analyzed from Kohlberg’s view:)
    “Should students posting replies at forums?” :)
    Stage 1 – I checked forum rules for whether I would be punished or rewarded for answering in “forums” and “ask the tutor forums”. Seems like no punishment.
    Stage 3 – I would like to help others, and I was encouraged doing so by mail (at least I understood in this way), I would like to contact with society and being liked by society :) (I would never wanted to bring harm or to hinder someone or to compete with tutors!! I respect OT tutors very much!)
    Now, after some incidents, I could go to stage 1 and be afraid of punishment when posting replies at forums, or go to stage 4 and accept that society needs and has laws, and if one breaks law, than others could break law also. So rules should exist and people should follow rules.

    It looks like the same adult could be at different stages of Kohlberg’s theory. Is this right?
    I don’t mean movement through stages from child 10-13-16-adult, but I mean thinking at different stages (maybe in different situations – work, personal, social) being developed and steady adult.
    Or the same person would be more constant within stages?

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    Even Mr Gandhi said that the most humane person read abt was Prophet Muhammad.Prophet Jesus had prophecied the coming of Prophet Muhammad and he came :) Even in times of war the Prophet forbade warriors to kill women,children,animals and to not destroy any plant that benefits any living thing.He instructed people that not even a single dog should die out of hunger under the ruling of a president(khalifa) :)

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      Just reading the last few posts, it seems that you have interpreted some of my words in a way which critises the Prophet Mohammed. Please believe me when I say that no criticism was intended, neither of the Prophet himself nor of the religion of Islam.

      Having been listening to recent news items from the USA, I could well change my examples for the next time I record this chapter.

      But please don’t lose sight of the fact that, pretty well EVERY day, there’s a news item of relevance to P1 on the BBC World news

      And good luck on Wednesday

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    Just to shed a bit of light: Muhammad (pbuh) stood up against several sick cultural norms in Arabia and general world, out of these many, a few were standing up against burying a female child alive which is still happening in some parts of the world including India. He also stood against cruelty towards animals, women being taken as objects instead of equal humans, rights of orphans. He even stood up for the rights of prisoners of wars. Because of this he had to face a lot of retaliation like every good person has to.

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    very impressive lecture, thanks Mike.
    And i just what to let u know that Muhammad (PBUH) stood up against hurdred to laws of Arabs which were wrong – “one of them is buying Slaves and treating them the way u want cox u own them”.

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