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    Thank you O.T for the great resources that you have provided students with the world over. I had been focusing on the BPP study text the last one week on Risk and risk management just to find myself frustrated with the depth of information provided, and at the end of it all, I was answering past exam questions poorly on that section of the syllabus. today i spent the entire day going through the notes and lectures on RISK and was delighted to see that i had improved considerably in answering 2 past exam qsts on that topic. although the current notes do lack elements such as the ‘COSO enterprise on risk management’ and other smaller areas included in the BPP text i would still highly recommend the OT notes esp. if you’re time barred. they are effectively concise and give you an overall picture of what that section of the syllabus requires as most important…. the lectures ofcourse are the best part of it all. Thanks again O.T!

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