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    Hi Mike.

    i was just revising the Q4 part a for P1 june 2012 exam.The question clearly ask you to compare but when reviewing the answers the examiner provide a contrast answer.Could you please enlighten me on this.


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      Compare and contrast are very closely related. If I compare something with another, it’s like having 2 objects, one in each hand, and finding their similarities but, in doing so, you are also effectively saying that whereas this one is round, the other one is ovoid

      Now that’s a comparison but it’s also a contrast

      If it were me facing such a question, I believe that I would read the requirement as “Compare and contrast …..”

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    The point Mike made about ideas taken as fact upon which action can be justified to a certain group is a valid point.

    But there are interesting nuances to the whole issue of the war on terror as a risk management strategy. ie It was not a very good one.

    Thanks in advance for my next blog article.

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    i am studying p1for the first time ! n these lectures are being very very helpful to make my concepts clear ! thanku so very much for all the lectures ! plz guide me about which kit should i use ?? Or i should simply practice past papers ??

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    I’m currently studying the ICSA Chartered Secretary Qualifying Scheme and taking the corporate governance module – I’m using these lectures to reinforce the learning from the syllabus. Thank you for putting into context a lot of the information, HAIRDRIFT is going to be my saviour I can tell!

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