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    The lecture mentions that the benefits received by the directors due to their position must be disclosed to the principal. After that, what is is required? Must the directors surrender those benefits?

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      If those benefits have been received without the prior knowledge and consent of the board then they may be required to be paid to the company.

      If the benefits are received with the sanction of the board, then the director can keep them

      This question would have been better on the Ask the Tutor forum, particularly if you were looking for a response from me rather than just on general forum!

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      They certainly are, apart from the fact that the introduction still refers to “Professional Accountant” instead of “Governance, risk and ethics”

      There are some bits of the notes not covered by lectures (integrated reporting (important for December 2014), public sector governance and Bribery Act are just three examples

      But the lectures are substantially ok

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    Nice lecture I also just derived an EASY WAY TO REMEMBER the duties of directors as agents just by using your notes a “POSPACA”.don’t no if such a word exist , but it does the trick.

    I can say I have been using open tuition for a while and it has benefited be tremendously.

    Thanks a Million!!

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    i miss being in the class, so that i could participate.
    i wish i could meet this teacher actually and present him a copy of Qur’an, which would the best gift for a person of this level of intellect.
    may God bless you. :)

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