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    Hello Sir,

    I’ve been studying since mid-January and I’ve just finished reading the entire BBP text, I’m now preparing to watch videos followed by practicing past papers in May. However I find this course very boring and dry, I fall asleep very easily and don’t feel very interested in this topic. Written exams are my weakest by far as I have great difficulty expressing my opinions in written format especially under exam conditions and time constraints, I enjoy other paper composing mostly of calculations. Can you please offer some advise on what I need to do in order to become interested and able to pass P1 this coming June?

    Thank you

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    I’m planning to sit P1 for June 2014 session. Unfortunatelly I do not have lot of time to study because I’m travelling a lot during the next 2 months but I would like to take at least p1 pecause there is a time pressure for me to finalise ACCA courses.
    What would be your advice for studing?
    I’ve git BPP materials (including course notes) and now I would like to start by accessing the OT lecturers.
    Thank you very much for your support.

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    Hello sir, I hope you are able to guide me. I have sat P1 three times and my scores have ranged from 42 to 46. In fact the last session was 46. I have how signed up to OT. What am I not doing to achieve the required pass mark. Though am getting frustrated, but will not be defeated. I am looking to sit it again in June and combine it with P3. Please guide me. Thanks

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      There’s a post from ‘Michael’ just below this thread. May I suggest you look at his post and see what he has planned?

      One session per week with an approved training establishment may not be appropriate for you so you’ll need to adapt.

      Work out how much time you have available. Remember, in that exercise, other demands on your time – family, courses, food, sleep, recreation.

      Have you got time to read three study texts? If yes, read them and then get stuck into revision kits.

      If not, get stuck into revision kits without the benefit of study texts.

      You will probably be hopelessly lost to begin with but (certainly with F8 and P1 – I can’t speak for F9) you’ll soon pick it up.

      With all three papers I suggest you read the OT notes (more than once) and follow the online recordings.

      Post again if you’re having problems, and good luck

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        Hi Mike,

        For June 2014 I will be attempting the following:
        F8 Full Course 1 day per weekend with Approved College
        F9 (Resit) Kaplan Book and all notes from last December plus whatever is on here
        P1 LBSF Basic online package plus whatever is on here.

        Is this achievable to pass all 3?
        How quickly should I be getting through the P1 lectures above?

        Any advice would be greatly appreciated


      • Avatar of MikeLittle says

        Hi Michael

        You sound like you have your schedule planned out well in advance.

        Yes, three in one session is achievable. Just make sure you put in plenty of time practising past exam questions

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    I failed P1 in Dec13 session and will attempt in June. I think that I tried hard to study P1 but it is not successful, may be this is not a good approach. I’m quite good in calculation but stuck with the papers have a lot theories like P1. what should I do to pass P1, plz?what should be prepared?

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      Read, plan, read, plan, read, plan

      over and over again

      30 mark question = 19.5 minutes reading and planning time. ((30 / 2) + (30% x 15 minutes r and p time)

      read the question, think, plan (in bullet point format) NB bullets not acceptable in your “proper answer, but they’re fine in your plan

      Read the question again after 18 minutes to make sure that you have planned an answer to the question, the whole question and nothing but the question.

      Stop the planning exercise after 19.5 minutes

      Count how many bullet points you have and check against the printed suggested solution to see how many of your points would have scored. Did you get 30 points for the 30 mark question? No? 20? No?

      Well that’s what you need, so try the exercise again with another question.

      And another, and another.

      Now go back to the first one and do it again.

      Did you get 30 this time? No? 20? No?

      Then it’s not enough

      Over and over and over again until you are totally sick of governance, risk and ethics, And, when you have reached that stage of being totally sick, then ………. do it all again, and again! And keep doing it

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      Mike Little is the man to follow and he will help you.

      Drop me an email and I will show you my exact method I used to get through this examination even with minimal preparation and am sure you will pass. If you start now, it will be more effective as well.

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        I planning to self study for P1 and attempt in June 2014. May i know the lecture note/course note available in Opentuition, is it suitable for Singapore P1?
        by the way, can you share your method for passing this P1?


    • Avatar of MikeLittle says

      Well done Salvia – but don’t forget that you also had some input into your success!
      It was you sitting in that exam room in December – I was with you in spirit, but it was your penmanship that got you through.

    • Avatar of MikeLittle says

      You can’t! There must be at least 3,764 posts on this site asking exactly that same question. the videos are NOT downloadable. Course notes are but videos aren’t.

      Tp quote Admin on so many occasions in the past “It’s the only way we can keep this site free”!

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