1. avatar says

    I can’t believe someone asked “do Burkina Faso have telephones” .That is so rude and ignorant to think a country in Africa ,in this day and age,have no telephones.even if she didn’t mean to be rude it most definitely was ignorant of her.

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Do you not think that maybe she was trying for a bit of humour? It’s no more rude nor ignorant than people who have no idea where, for example, N’Djamena is. Do you know, without first looking it up?

  2. Profile photo of zee says

    Hi … Thanks for the lectures and all hard work … Any ways ACCA exams are becoming very competitive now and watching the videos itself will not help to pass. Specially practical experience very much required in getting a proper understanding on these concepts

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Knowledge seeker is correct – this would be better posted in Ask the Tutor!

      The lectures are all relevant for June 2015 though not entirely complete – integrated reporting is not covered by a lecture but there’s a whole raft of interesting articles on the subject on the internet! Much of them are summarised within the chapter in the course notes

      Hope that helps

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