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    Urgent Help

    According to the features of the Sound system of Internal Control it must be 1)Responsive externally 2) Intgrated Internally and 3) Control must be embedded in the culture.
    I want to know :
    What do we mean when we are talking about
    Control must be embedded in the Culture? and what are the differences in the between Internally integrated and Control must be embedded in the culture.Give some explanations

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    I keep getting the error message “Serve not found: rtmpt:// What can i do to watch the videos it is very frustrating as i want to be able to watch the videos before i sit for my exam.

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    This module has really helped clarify some points on Internal Audit which I found were a bit woolly in the BPP textbook…especially the point that IA is a control in itself, and that IA tasks may be carried out by just one idividual in small orgs, etc. (ie. IA will not always be in the form of a big, conventional IA dept, if the org is too small to warrant it)…
    …very helpful module, thanks.

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