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    Sir in Net assets value calculation we prefer using the market value or the fair value right ? In this question we were only given book value of assets so its understandable to use their book value, however for the bonds and the preference share capital their market value have been given so why have we included them at their book value while calculating net assets and not at their market value. Is it because of the fact that they change frequently thats why ?

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    I realise that I went through the question in much less than 25 minutes, but obviously I had already looked at the question :-) In the real exam I would have needed to spend a bit longer reading it and sorting out exactly what was wanted. Also, in the real exam I would have been more likely to have made some mistakes. Hopefully I would have realised, but I would then have taken a bit more time correcting them :-)

    With regard to the written part, in a perfect world I would have written a nice essay (like in the examiners own answer). However, the main think in the exam is to get the points down. Writing them as I did would not get full marks, but would certainly get most of the marks. The main thing obviously is to pass.
    Provided there was still time, I would then write them out a little more fully – but only if I had time after attempting the other questions.

    (On here, I was trying to explain the main points that needed to be made. It would get boring for people watching if they had to wait while I wrote out nice sentences – you can read those in the examiners answer.)

    When you ask about ‘others exam questions corrections’, I assume you mean me doing my answers to other past exams?
    I do intend to, but it does take time and so I will do more when I have spare time from teaching.

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    Thanks John for all,
    How deep are we expected to discuss question (example of par d)? Because you have just listed the factors and the result is that it is less time consuming but are they worth full marks?
    For a 45 minutes question you only spent around 25 minutes with explanations!!!

    Can we expect some others exam questions corrections?

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