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    Any of the ACCA approved publishers is fine (BPP, Kaplan, and Becker).

    Provided that you are watching our lectures, then you do not really need a Study Text.

    However a Revision/Exam Kit is essential because they have lots of exam-standard questions, and it is vital to practice as much as possible.

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    Dear John,
    I couldn’t pass my F2, F3 and F5 exams during 3 months without your help. I am grateful to you. Thank you very much and please wish me success on my coming exams – F7 and F9 :)

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      As you will know from the pages on this website summarising the changes in December for each paper, there are no syllabus changes for Paper F9.

      The only change for F9 is that the format of the exam will change (with the introduction of some multiple choice questions).

      We always make sure that our Course Notes and lectures are up to date, and the only lecture for F9 that needs re-recording is the Introduction lecture. Most of it is still completely valid but it does refer to the old exam format and so this bit needs updating. Otherwise all of the lectures are completely valid for December.

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    I can’t download F9 Course notes. It says you have to log in, however when I am logged in it still says log in…Is this just my pc problem or somebody else have same problem?
    Thank you

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    Greetings sirs, may i know what are the updates for the coming F9 December 2014 exams?

    Are the recordings here for F9 still applicable to prepare for the coming semester ?


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        Mr John I very much enjoy your f5 lecturers ( I hope i did well to pass today!)
        I have a personal question where you did study? how is it you and Mr Mike or other opentution lecturers are sooooooo good at what you do?

        Thank you in advance.

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        Hi. Thanks a lot for your comments. We all studied and qualified as accountants in the UK – then started teaching. I guess it is because we have been teaching for a very long time :-))

        I am pleased that the exam went well for you :-)

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      I am sorry, but what can you expect us to do?
      We provide the service free of charge to help as many people as we can.
      You may not be able to watch the videos, but you can still download the free Course Notes, and you can still get help from the Ask the Tutor forums.

      The only way we can keep the website free is to only allow videos to be watched online. We are not the ACCA and get no finance from them.

      You can use other tuition providers for lectures, but they will be online also and they will charge!!

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    Dear John,
    I have one thing to ask that can help so many users on OT. I just use OT, no other tuitions or universities. The OT helps indeed but I always find it difficult to check my answers that I write for Kit questions( specially theoretical). Sometimes I feel that I have written very well, but there’s not any point that replicates the Kit’s answer to with my own…
    So my General question is to seek your help regarding checking own answers for KIT Questions( e.g, f8 or f9).

    Kindly share techniques and tips for this, it could really help the OT viewers alot alot…including me!

    Many Thanks

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      The Revision/Exam Kits do contain much longer answers for the written parts than is expected in the examination. The same applies to the examiners own answers.
      The reason is that they all realise that students use the answers to learn from and so they are trying to help.

      When checking your own answer, the best is to look at the marking scheme provided by the examiner (it is printed at the end of all the official exam answers). This is what the markers use when they are marking, and it makes it clear what points they are looking for and how many marks they are giving for each point.

      You are not expected to write long essays – all that is needed is to make the point and write enough to make it clear that you understand what you have written (and have not just learner a phrase from a text book )

      The only way really that we can help (and are gradually trying to do) is by recording our answers to past exam questions. There are quite a few online already and we are gradually adding more.
      In these we try and make it clear what points you should be making, and why.

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        Bundle of thanks…Man you might dont know how important this information was for me!! I SUGGEST you that you should keep a separate portion on teaching just on how to answer. It could really add some passing marks to those who are failing or even its the first attempt.

        Its not really necessary that you must make a video. You can just add short 100-150 words article. The whole audience believe your every word.

        Many Thanks

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    @johnmoffat . Sir I gave F7,F9,P1 and P3 for the very first time and I am proud to say that just because of OT I am able to clear all the exams.
    You guys are a blessing to all of us. I hope this June 2014 I can become an affiliate. Thank you for answering my queries and your entertaining lectures

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    Dear Mr. John,

    I’d like to thank you, I have passed the F9 exam! Thank you for your efforts and constant help throughout the preparation time, thanks for the lectures and for answering my questions.

    Ps. Passed F7, F8 and F9 – Thanks to all of you!


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    John, can I just say that you are the most awesome human being on planet earth? You have chaged my life forever and i just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was a business major in college (finance) and have worked in business for 10 years. I used to get straight A’s in college on each and every business course except accounting. I crammed my way through college and now in industry i have discovered that accounting has come back to haunt me and the lack of knowledge is slowing my performance at work. I have gone through all your lectures on this website within a month everything i crammed suddenly made sense, i.e. Balance sheet, Income statement, accounting ratios, Cash flow etc (even my worst enemy–Debits and Credits)!!!

    Trust me I have a BS in Finance and an MS in Finance and along the way tried to gain this knowledge from peers, but the harder I tried to understand accounting, the more I got confused.

    My years of cramming are over!!!!! Thank you JOHN M!!!!! YOU ROCK!

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    Dear Sir John,
    I have few important questions, can you help?

    I have not given any skills papers other than f5 ( awaiting result feb 2014 ). Now I am deciding to give f8, f9 and may be f4. Is this is ok to select these exams? Is it a wise combination?

    Is there any amendment/change to the new syllabus for the exams June2014 that I chose above?

    I will be waiting for your kind reply.

    Many Thanks

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      1) Those three exams are fine. The only think to be careful of is that both F8 and F4 are 100% writing, which most people hate :-)
      It really depends how much time you have available for studying. (F9 is about 50% writing and 50% calculations).

      2) There are no syllabus changes to any of these three papers for June 2014.

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    Hey John,
    Here I go again with my 2nd attempt with F9. Although I have a tuition provider, whose classes finished last week, I decided to see if I can combine their course notes, OT course notes and video lectures and Kaplan’s study kit and pass cards, to give myself the best shot in passing the exams on Dec 6th. Do you think I am biting off more than I can chew?

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      I am attempting F9 for the first time this December so I am not really in a position to give advices about this paper, but the way I see it is that we should be over the “study” phase now and we should be just practicing exam questions. If you study lots of course notes and text books and pass cards you will have the knowledge but having the knowledge is not enough, you have to be able to apply that knowledge and apply it quickly by practicing questions which is what I am doing at the moment for all the papers I am giving in December, my advice to you would be start practicing questions in all areas of the syllabus.

      Ps. I am freaking out about exams!

      All the luck.


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    Dear John

    I have started your online lessons for F9 and I want to make sure that I am fully prepared for the exam in December 2013, so I would like to ask you the best approach for this paper as I was thinking of doing questions from past papers as soon as I finish your lessons, i.e. say I finish all the lectures for working capital management, I would then start practicing questions from past papers relating to this subject… Is this possible? Could you direct me to the questions from past papers that relate to the contents of the syllabus?
    I would really appreciate your help.
    Thank your for the lessons they are great and they do help me a lot!!

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      It is certainly a good idea to start practicing questions as soon as possible. The only thing that I would warn you of is that because there are only four questions in the exam the questions often examine more than one topic (although almost always when there is more than one topic they are separate sections of the question).

      You can find a list of the topics in past exams if you go to the main F9 page on the website. If you scroll down you will find a link to ‘download F9 exam summary’

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        Dear johnmoffat!
        I wanted only to ask you whether there has been any change in paper F9 from last December? If yes what are the areas of change? Is it still a 5 to 7 mark question (just theory) Interest rate risk management, or we need to learn how to do the exercises?

        Thanks in advance

      • Profile photo of John Moffat says

        No – no changes.

        And although interest rate risk management will certainly not be asked every time, if it is asked then it will only be part of a question and will only be written (no calculations).

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        Dear John,
        I think DCF methods have been deleted from the F9 syllabus. So in Dec 2013 we should not expect any question on DCF methods, no?

      • Profile photo of John Moffat says

        No they have not been deleted.

        DCF is assumed knowledge from Paper F2 and is therefore not listed separately in the syllabus.

        The syllabus changed at the start of the year – there was a DCF question in June and there will almost certainly be one in December also.

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    Mr John,

    This is the first time I fully study on open-tuition, I studied for my last session exams on open-tuition but I was studying with an approved learning partner as well, so I had studied their course notes and came to open-tuition just to understand better many topics that I didn’t get, seeing how the teaching level is just GREAT on here, I decided to fully study with open-tuition, but I have some question or concerns.

    I am glad to say that I have passed the 3 exams I have attempted in last session on first attempt so I don’t want to ruin it by making an unwise decision now, I am planning on watching your lectures, your revision lectures, study your course notes and most importantly buy a revision kit (Kaplan) so I can practice many questions and I will also practice past paper exams, in your opinion, do you think this is enough? Or do I have to buy a text book and study it?

    I am really hopping you will see it enough, please let me know. The reason am asking is that when I was studying for my last exams, I just felt that my course notes are much comprehensive than open tuition one that I didn’t need to study a text book, I am hopping that your course notes contains enough information and that you are not expecting students to be studying a text book as well.

    I apologies for this long question, I just wanted to make my question clear, too excited to start studying for my coming exams. Fair to mention that am a full time worker, your opinion will mean so much, other wise, I will go through so much trouble to find the time to study a text book when it might not be necessary!

    Many thanks,

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      Our course notes do not claim to be as full as a study text. However, they do contain enough to be able to pass the exams very well – provided of course that you fully understand everything and are not just learning rules.
      Our course notes together with the lectures, and lots of practice of questions from the revision kit should certainly be enough.

      • Profile photo of Mahoysam says

        Many thanks Mr John. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts and your prompt responses. All the tutors here are truly doing an amazing job on open tuition, truly appreciated!


  13. Profile photo of tejot says

    Hi Admin,
    I have a concern regarding course notes.
    I have taken the prinouts of the course notes in the month of June before the new variant (for December 2013) was uploaded.
    Are there too many deviations in the old variant with new ones which will require me to take printouts again or not?. I have done this for paper F7,F9,P1 and P3.


  14. avatar says

    I have found the best lecturer for F9. Does anyone know the lecturer’s name? Thank you so much for free stuffs that open tuition has given away to promote better life for students. I really appreciate your effort and kindness. God bless you. I wish you all the best in your life. once again, Thank you so much.

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    I cant watch the video … i get a message that oopps the page you are looking for has moved, please select the resources from the link below.

    i tried the link provided but i still get same message what can i do? please kindly help
    thank you

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    To Lecturer/Admin: Thanks so much for this. Two weeks before the exam, and I only had basic knowledge. Took 11 days(vacation plus study leave) from work and sat down with your lectures(back to back). With about three days to exams and knowledge of your lectures, I did past paper questions…took a leap of faith..and got 51. Could not have done it without you. Thanks again. My advice to students…DO NOT IGNORE THE THEORY!!!!!!

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    i read such a comment on f7 and i guess f8 too that this videos crash in chrome .. but it wasn’t happening to me .. but in this video after like 3 minutes or so, this video crashes and stops.. and yes my pc is completely updated with all the required drivers.
    just some information for you guys, thanks for the effort

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