1. Profile photo of umair85 says

    I got 50% that is what I wanted. No pass is like 50% pass 😀

    Im taking P7 this time and Im well prepared by the grace of God. So if you guys aren’t getting a pass or more than 50% here, don’t lose hope.
    Good Luck !!

  2. avatar says

    Great Quiz…. through this we got to know how many silly mistake we do uring the exam….. we wrongly interpetate examiner requirments.

    Hope this will help us in up coming Exam.

    Best of Luck for the Exam.

    Thanks to OT Team for enhancing our Skills.

  3. avatar says

    Great test. I scored 83% and only missed the allocation time to spend on a 6 minute question, which was not badly off. It had you thinking about the key terms in the questions, such as describe and explain instead of bullet points or a listing the procedures. There is indeed a big difference in describing the reason for a particular testing vs. listing the procedure or steps to take in the testing

  4. Profile photo of uko111 says

    i scored 50% i know i am on a border line i will make effort to pass this exam i am going to attempt f8 in june 2012 my first attempt and INSH ALLAH i wil pass with high score . AMEEN

  5. Profile photo of gracie says

    Wow these are some questions i now understand why i failed last sitting.
    This quiz was really good. I think one needs more of this to do his or her own assessment.
    Thanks opentuition team.

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