ACCA F8 Revision Quiz

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To complete the quiz you must answer all 20 questions, then you will be shown the results and the correct answers.

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1. What range of percentage of profit is often taken as guidance for materiality?


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2. In a listed company, to whom should internal audit report?


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3. An audit is the **** examination of, and expression of opinion on, the financial statements of an entity.

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4. What type of sampling is being used if, say, every 200th invoice is examined?


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5. If an item is included in year-end inventory but no invoice had been received by year-end, to get cut-off correct, the cost of the item should be:


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6. What aspects of a client’s undertaking do computer audit programs examine?


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7. There are two types of audit file, one is current audit file, the other is ****** audit file

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8. What is the proper treatment of a contingent liability where there is a possible obligation or a present obligation that may, but will probably not lead to an outflow of assets?


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9. What sort of ethical threat arises from the auditor auditing financial statements that the auditor also prepared?


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10. What word should appear for * * *?

* * * risk is the risk that a material misstatement in an assertion will not be prevented or detected and corrected on a timely basis by the entity’s internal control.

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11. Which one of the following is not one of the fundamental principles of professional ethics?


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12. What type of audit report is given if the FS contain a pervasive material misstatement?


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13. An auditor gives weekly advice to a client on a wide range of matters (financial and non-financial). What sort of threat can this give rise to?


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14. A common element of analytical procedures is ***** analysis

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15. In what type of document would the following sentence be typically found?

“We have no plans or intentions that might materially affect the carrying value or classification of assets and liabilities reflected in the financial statements”


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16. Who sets the International Standards on Auditing?


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17. There are two types of CAAT (computer assisted audit techniques). One is audit software.

What is the other?


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18. Which one of the following is NOT part of the five main principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code?


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19. Which one of the following pairs of evidence is better?


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20. Which one of the following pairs of evidence is better? Indirect evidence v auditor-direct


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