ACCA F8 Revision Quiz

Please take ACCA F8 Revision Quiz

To complete the quiz you must answer all 20 questions, then you will be shown the results and the correct answers.

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1. ISA500 states that auditors must obtain ***** ***** audit evidence to be able to draw reasonable conclusions on which to base an audit opinion.

What words are represented by ***** ***** ?

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2. Which one of the following pairs of evidence is better?


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3. What is another name for a reasonable assurance engagement?


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4. Which one of the following is not one of the fundamental principles of professional ethics?


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5. What range of percentage of profit is often taken as guidance for materiality?


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6. There are two types of audit file, one is current audit file, the other is ****** audit file

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7. Who sets the International Standards on Auditing?


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8. Which one of the following is not one of the financial statement assertions?


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9. What type of sampling is being used if, say, every 200th invoice is examined?


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10. If an item is included in year-end inventory but no invoice had been received by year-end, to get cut-off correct, the cost of the item should be:


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11. The title of the paragraph that can be inserted in an audit report to draw users’ attention to a note in the financial statements is:  an emphasis of  ***** paragraph

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12. A **** liability is a possible liability arising from past event whose existence confirmed by future events

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13. Data held on a computer file and which is relatively permanent and which is referred to many times by programs is known as:


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14. Which one of the following pair of evidence is better?


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15. Is the following true or false?

Under the UK government code listed companies are required to have an internal audit department


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16. * * * of duties implies that a number of people are involved in an accounting process or transaction.

What word should be in place of * * *?

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17. Is the following question typical of an internal control questionnaire (ICQ) or an internal control evaluation questionnaire (ICEQ)? “Can employees be paid for hours that have not been worked?”


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18. Do auditors have a duty to detect fraud?


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19. What sort of ethical threat can arise from overdue fees?


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20. There are two types of CAAT (computer assisted audit techniques). One is audit software.

What is the other?


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