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    Is the ‘retained earnings brought forward’ question (Example 5, Ch 10 on Pg 63 F7 notes – is this a part of DipIfr exam December 2014? Because this particular topic was not given in the BPP book.



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      Surely you will use it where a question asks for a statement of changes in equity – a quote from the syllabus

      “Prepare a consolidated statement of profit or loss, statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income and statement of changes in equity for a simple group, including an example where an acquisition occurs during the year where there is a non-controlling interest.”


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    Dear Mike Sir,

    In the Example 4, page 62 of Ch 10 of F7 notes (Viktorija & Natalija) – I am not clear with the Working 4b (NCI)?
    NCI is calculated as 40% of (42000-2700). My confusion is ‘why are we deducting 2700 and not 20000 which is the dividend proposed? As in, why are we not doing: 40% of (42000-2700-20000)?

    Thanks in advance!

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      What’s the working W4b song? They want
      “their share of
      this year’s
      time apportioned
      profit after tax”

      Now, think where dividends are accounted – they are taken out of those profits after tax. So by applying the song to the subsidiary post tax results the nci are credited not only with their share of retained earnings but also their share of the dividend


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    Hi Sir, Chapter 11 – Accounting for investment in associates, example 2 Maris and Girts, we need to prepare the SOCI, in the question it says Dividends of $1500 and $400 respectively have been proposed.

    Maris has not yet accounted for the dividend from Girts which was proposed prior to the year end.

    What should we do? Thanks

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    Hi Mike,

    I am a bit stuck with calculating Retained Earnings in the example 6 on page 64. I do understand there is no requirement to do this in the question however I would really appreciate if you could help me with calculating it and splitting to b/f and c/f. Thanks in advance!

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