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    Hi Mike, if there is an impairment of goodwill, how would you treat it? Will it be deducted from the W2 before arriving at the final goodwill/(bargain purchase) figure, and in W3 and in NCI calculation?

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    hi mike
    just confused a little – working 3 ( consolidated retained earnings )can also be for other types of reserves like – revaluation reserve?. We can get a question with consolidating other reserves like share premium or revaluation reserve. If yes please send a worked example to clarify.

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    Why do we not have share premium in subsidary incorporated into CS of FP?Beacause it was formed before acquisition?what’s the treatment for new share premium,that is generated by subsidary issuing new share after acquisition?

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      @ginduja21, because it’s like a “profit” – it’s called a bargain purchase. We USED to have a complicated way of crediting negative goodwill to the retained earnings over a number of years, but that method has now gone.

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