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    Hi Mike you are doing a great job here,
    I have a question regarding example # 10 while calculating goodwill why you didn’t apportion the amount of B/f into 20000×5/12 ?? whereas you have did the calculation of apportionment for 6000×7/12

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    Hi Sir,

    Regarding the negative goodwill. I have few questions:

    1. Does the negative goodwill is considered as income or gain? how the double entry should be?
    2. Is that possible for negative goodwill to be remained in financial statement for more than one period ( a year period )? What is nature of negative goodwill?

    Thank you

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    Dear Mike.

    I have a question in Example 10 in the lecture. When calculating W3, how come Premium is not included in “per q”(under Ingrida colume)? I thought the figure should be 26000+1500=27500 instead of 26000, because other reserves should be treated in the same way is retained earning.

    Thank you!

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