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        Dear Mike,

        Please kindly help me out.

        I am currently studying for my ACCA Paper F7 which book will you recommend with your online lectures except the OT Lecture Notes.

        And secondly whenever I get out of class and come to my room I eventually forget the lecture which I got in the classroom, any tips for this to remember and how to study effectively.

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        Hi Ahmad

        I’m not prepared to recommend any text in preference to any other – sorry

        As for forgetting the lecture as soon as you walk out of the lecture room ….. are you taking notes in the lecture? Is your mind on the subject or are you being distracted? Do you read the course notes that the lecturer was using as soon as you get back to your room? Are you doing any practising on the relevant exercises?

        And besides, what’s the matter with the opentuition notes? The particular topic covered in this thread is not a topic that is ever likely to be worth more than MAXIMUM 10 marks in an F7 exam

        There are so many almost guaranteed topics which WILL (probably) be asked in F7 that it seems that you are aiming to use your available time in a totally ineffectual way.

        Read these ‘mini’ topics ….sure.

        But get totally on top of consolidations, preparation of financial statements from base records / trial balance, cash flows, interpretation and ratio analysis.

        Those are areas to put in your major effort

        When you’ve mastered these major areas, then start looking at the less important / less likely to be examined topics

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        Thanks Mike, for the reply yes I do take notes of the Lecture when I come to my room I can’t understand the question and the I can’t remember the Lecture.

        Thats why I have asked for you tips and OT notes are best I was just thinking there might be other notes as well that you would prefer for you F7 students

        I do practice but if I can’t remember anything how can I practice for example a sample question of IAS 16 Complex Asset in question it has a different structure and in notes it has some thing else

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        Then maybe a thorough audit of the answer will tie the course lecture, the notes and your bits of retained memory together.

        Try that and let me know if it works – I have no other learning material that I am prepared to recommend

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    Come on guys. You know that opentuition cannot be your ultimate tool for passing this exam. I’m sure that your text book/exam kit includes one or two of such exercises and thus there is no reason to moan. Mike and the other OT members are doing their best…..for free.

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