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    Inventories should be valued at the lower of costs and net realisable value.

    Is that means inventories can be valued at NRV if we believe that the inventories should not have a carrying value that exceeds the amount we expected to be realised from their sale?

    Please reply me.
    Thank you for you help.

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    Dear Admin,

    you are doing a great job by providing us with free valuable lectures but am unable to benefit from these lectures video takes much time to start at last when it do start then just after 2 3 mints busy sign appear on video :( this was not so couple of days back and my internet is doing well as i am able to see videos at FB and Youtube. IS it that you website is not responding due to over trafficking from all over? if so then please tell me the down period in a day from your web’s history trend so i can pass F7 :( am totally relying on OT hope you will do something.

    have the Best.

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