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    Dear sir,
    I’m finding it difficult to watch F7 lectures on my tablet, it is displaying Error loading skin: Error loading file for the past 2 days. I’ve watched open tuition lectures from my tablet in the past. So I don’t know what’s happen now. Can you please help me out


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      Hi Tarek – I’m sure that this is explained in the lecture! However ……. “amount invoiced” is the amount which the builder has received together with those amounts which the builder has invoiced but has not yet received (ie still included in “receivables””

      “Amounts due from customers” in W2 is another way of saying “Unbilled work in progress” whereas “Amounts due from customers” in W3 is another way of describing “Accounts receivable”

      The two amounts described as “Amounts due from customers” are therefore different in nature – the first is work-in-progress / stock / inventory whilst the second is receivables


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        yes ok thanks mr mikle

        please mr mikle i want you advise me what i use in my rivision kit in f7 that meet our method in opentuition kaplan or bpp ?

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      In any of those … and why have you missed off questions 4 and 5?

      Any of those topics could be involved in any of the five questions

      Sorry, but there’s no short cut to passing these exams – just ask some of the students who finished their exam session last Wednesday

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    I have a school exam on the day of the ACCA exam, if i decide not to write the exam, would ACCA keep a spot for the june 2014 due to the fact that i paid for a sit in this december exam?

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