1. Profile photo of S4K1B says

    Although i am very grateful to O/Tuition for these lectures, i have to say this is the worst lecturer i have come across.

    Wheres the explaining ? I might as well be reading out of the text book. He doesnt make this very interesting, i think i would fall asleep in this lecture. And he talks like a news reporter……, quite monotone…..

    Rant over.

    Thanks anyway

  2. avatar says

    Does someone have a link to the relevant course notes used in this lecture? The only ones I could find are entitled F7_June2012, but it doesn’t seem to correspond exactly to this lecture, making it slightly difficult to follow.

  3. Profile photo of jessntkt says

    Please let me know what book he is teaching? I download the lecture note but it turn out as F7 Paper. It would easier if i could know what book he teaching to i could read from chapter 1 – chapter 5 as he suggest and follow his lecture as he says turn to page 27 or sth…

  4. avatar says

    im loving this…. i had already thought of dropping the exams thinking it was too late and i might not manage to read and understand all topics.thanky you open tuition you have saved my life, thank you!!!!!!

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