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    Dear Sir,

    Referring to :F7 June 2010 Question 1 Picant:

    While calculating the cons. ret earning, we have taken increase in FV of property (i.e 2000) and its depreciation. But why have we not taken software decrease (i.e -500) ? What’s the reason?


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      Again, from memory, the software was written off completely. The property fair value adjustment could have been shown in the same way that Kaplan and BPP show it – they do not include the fair value adjustment in the “bottom” section of working W3. They merely show the post-acquisition movement so, in the example you quote, the two big tuition companies would show just the depreciation post acquisition on the fair value adjustment.

      I prefer to show $2,000 less associated depreciation in the top section of the working and then $2,000 fair value adjustment as at date of acquisition in the bottom section

      Each to their own!

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