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    Dear Mike,
    I have recently passed (with study over the past 7 months) F1, F2 and F3. I got around the 60% pass mark with each and typically spent a couple of months studying and practicing questions on each paper.
    I obviously want to continue working through the F papers and fancy tackling the F7 paper this coming December – this leaves me around 5 months to study (double study times, re the 3 fore-mentioned papers). What do you think my chances are of passing, taking the above into consideration? Do you feel it’s wise to jump to F7 from the first 3 F papers?

    Kind regards,


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      Hi James

      I cannot immediately think of any good reason to suggest that F7 would be a bad choice.

      Of course F3 is a good basis for the F7 syllabus and 5 months sounds to be ample time to get prepared.

      Of major importance, after you have read through / worked through the notes and watched the videos is to get stuck into a reputable revision kit of past exam questions (many of which are recorded as worked examples on this site)

      In specific answer to your question, do I think it’s wise to jump to F7 after the first 3 F papers….yes, why not?

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      Oh Dear! Would you mind if I refer to you as Rip Van Winkle? Where have you been?????

      YES!! There is a change in the format for all the F level exams with effect from December 2014

      There’s enough information on this site to get you up to speed but, if you still have issues after reading the news, post again……but next time please post on the Ask the Tutor page and that way I can guarantee that I shall see it

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    Dear Sir,
    I would like to know about F7 for December 2014.
    Is it international variant?
    If I study only your lectures notes and exam kits, do you think it is perfect to prepare for exam?
    Thu Zar

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Yes, it is only the International variant.

      Course notes have never been claimed to be a substitute for a full study text and the notes are not therefore intended as a replacement to a study text.

      If you follow through / work through the course notes in conjunction with the recorded lectures, that will give you good progress. If you then apply that progress to the questions from a revision kit, that will get you even closed to exam standard


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    Can you please confirm if there are changes in the syllabus of f7?
    Is yes, what are the changes?
    What will be the structure of the paper for December 2014?
    I’m grateful if you can answer my queries.

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    So glad it’s you doing the lectures for this paper Mike! Since you managed the impossible and got me through the law paper (on the third attempt), I’m 100% confident that this one is in the bag. Shame the Audit and Assurance ones are so tedious :S

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    Dear Sir,
    I am going to prepare myself for F7 and F9 June 2014 session. I would like to ask you for an advice. At the moment I am in Poland for a family reasons (I used to live and work in the UK last 7 years) and will be passing there this two exams, but I have a problem if shall I choose UK or International version. My situation is not clear enough at the moment and there is possibility that I would stay in Poland for the next couple of years and probably will come back to the UK. I have done F1,F2,F3,F4,F5 and F9 papers already with a great help from Opentuiton for which I really thank you. I am confused what shall I do in terms of choosing the version as I probably will start work in Poland soon and then move back to the UK. I don’t want to lose the papers and I don’t know how it works in the UK in terms of getting ACCA qualification. Please advise me Sir, thank you.

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    @MikeLittle Sir I hope you remember me. I would like to thank you as I was able to clear all the 4 exams F7,F9, P1 & P3 in first attempt. F7 & P1 being taught by you helped me get a clear idea.

    I scored

    I am very hopeful with a teacher like you I will sail through june 2014 and will become an affiliate. I am giving p2,p5 and p7. I guess all of these are taught by you.

    Thank you once again

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    Hi Sir Mike,

    I Would like to Thank you so much for helping me throughout Paper F7, I passed this paper, I really thought it was tough paper and I am going to fail but I passed, thank you so much sir for your countless efforts and for helping me. May god bless you, and I also passed F6.


  8. Profile photo of Mahoysam says

    Dear Mr. Mike,

    I’d like to thank you, I have passed the F7 exam! Thank you for your efforts and constant help throughout the preparation time, thanks for the lectures and for answering my questions.

    Ps. Passed F7, F8 and F9 – Thanks to all of you!


    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Hi, neither Kaplan nor BPP tackle consolidation answers in the same way as me. The principles are the same, but I believe that my layout is simpler. As for other publishers, I really don’t know and nor am I prepared to recommend neither Kaplan nor BPP as being a preferred option.


    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Hi Tarek – there are no plans to record any new lectures with just one exception The topic of accounting for unrealised profits on an intra-group transfer of tangible non-current assets needs to be re-recorded.

      Otherwise, I believe that the lectures are all still applicable for 2014

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        Dear sir,

        Why is there a minor adjustment for the URP on Intra group transfer of tangible non current assets? The syllabus is valid for June 2013 to June 2014, please shed some light on this.

        Also is the adjustment you’re talking about from the video lectures is Chapter 8, 3rd video? In this case should I read my F7 BPP kit to get the updated explanation?

        Thanks :)

      • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

        Hi Tyler – there was an amendment to the treatment of the depreciation on the unrealised profit on the occasion of a TNCA transfer. The revised treatment is to go up on the site early in the new year. The effect is that the NET unrealised profit is adjusted in the records of the selling company (previously the gross profit was adjusted in the selling company and the depreciation was adjusted in the buying company)

        I’ll check up what the video is to which you refer. If it is, I’ll not post again. If it isn’t, then I’ll post again to let you know

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        Thank you for your prompt reply sir. :) I’ll start studying around the 7th of Jan next year. Hopefully it will be updated by then. Anyways, with your reply, I already got an idea of the amendment 😀

        Many thanks.

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        Thanks mr mikel
        can i use new notes with old lecture or i will find differnce between them ? and can i depend on notes and

        lecture without study text

        thanks mr mike

      • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

        Hi Tarek

        There’s one small difference which I am going to re-record – concerning the treatment of depreciation on the unrealised profit recognised on the intra-group transfer of TNCA.

        Other than that, you should be ok using the notes with the original lectures

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    Greetings sir.
    For the next sitting of F7 in June 2014, will there be any changes as to the rules or concepts embodied in any of the IAS and IFRS in the syllabus?

    Is the video here up to date and is it still reliable for June 2014 sitting?

    thank you.

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    Thanks mr mikel but i think that it will be very difficult to write by keyboard in computer in white paper in process of preparation financial statements and it will take more time please mr mikel give me advise in that. and i want ask about another thing . if i paying and register now can i take exam in jun 2014 or i will wait acca confirm after 6 weeks
    and how many paper you advise me to take in one session . I am CMA certified and i will start f6 and f7 i will take exemptions for 7 papers right?
    thanks again mr mikel

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    please any body help me i am a CMA certified and i want take ACCA i will start by f7 but i do not have experience in ACCA exams i want to know the form of question and how can i answer i will use excel sheet? or what? i donot know
    please help

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Hi Tarek

      If you check on the F7 page (select F7 from the list of exams at the top of this page) you’ll find within the F7 menu access link to the ACCA past exam papers going back to December 2007.

      That should help you to appreciate the form and content of the exams.

      As for spread sheets – no, the exam answers after F1, F2 and F3 are all at the moment hand-written.

      If you need more information, please do post again

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        Thanks mr mikel but i think that it will be very difficult to write by keyboard in computer in white paper in process of preparation financial statements and it will take more time please mr mikel give me advise in that. and i want ask about another thing . if i paying and register now can i take exam in jun 2014 or i will wait acca confirm after 6 weeks
        and how many paper you advise me to take in one session . I am CMA certified and i will start f6 and f7 i will take exemptions for 7 papers right?
        thanks again mr mikel

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      Mr. Little,
      Would you also kindly confirm if this lectures are suitable when studying for UK exams and what would be best syllabus to study for somebody planning to become UK practitioner but in a global company.
      Thank you, Vlad

      • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

        Sorry Vlad, just seen this post – if you had posted it on “Ask the tutor” I would have seen it earlier and responded much quicker.

        I understand that, at present, you should be looking at UK variant if you wish to practice in the UK. However, it can only be a matter of time (a short time) before the UK adopts international standards and completely moves away from UK GAAP. If you want to risk it and hope that the move happens before you get to P2, then International variant is the one for you.

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    I couldn’t watch this video. It says “surf safely. THe website that you are trying to access might be prohibitted in your country” The all of other chapters are running safely. I have also tried a proxy even but the same problem.

    Let me know.

    Many Thanks

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    Mr little, just seeing the comments here I thought I should ask about something concerning me.

    This is the first time I fully study on open-tuition, I studied for my last session exams on open-tuition but I was studying with an approved learning partner as well, so I had studied their course notes and came to open-tuition just to understand better many topics that I didn’t get, seeing how the teaching level is just GREAT on here, I decided to fully study with open-tuition, but I have some question or concerns.

    I am glad to say that I have passed the 3 exams I have attempted in last session on first attempt so I don’t want to ruin it by making an unwise decision now, I am planning on watching your lectures, your revision lectures, study your course notes and most importantly buy a revision kit (Kaplan) so I can practice many questions and I will also practice past paper exams, in your opinion, do you think this is enough? Or do I have to buy a text book and study it?

    I am really hopping you will see it enough, please let me know. The reason am asking is that when I was studying for my last exams, I just felt that my course notes are much comprehensive than open tuition one that I didn’t need to study a text book, I am hopping that your course notes contains enough information and that you are not expecting students to be studying a text book as well.

    I apologies for this long question, I just wanted to make my question clear, too excited to start studying for my coming exams. Fair to mention that am a full time worker, your opinion will mean so much, other wise, I will go through so much trouble to find the time to study a text book when it might not be necessary!

    Many thanks,

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Each one to their own, on a matter such as this. It really comes down to personal preference and whereas Ssjh suggests one, there will be loads of others who prefer alternative publishers.

      In this situation I think you would be wise to borrow (if you can) text books for different publishers from other students who have already passed F7 and make your own comparisons

      • Profile photo of Mahoysam says

        I agree with Mr little! My colleague, who is an ACCA member, almost sworn that I will not pass if I don’t use Kaplan books, I have passed six papers so far and I didn’t sue Kaplan for any of them!! People like to use their own experience as a model for everyone! I have used BPP and LSBF so far, both helped me pass on first attempt, planning to use Kaplan this time as many people praise it! :)

        All the luck!

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    Admin !.. Please inform me About the bsc ( oxford degree ) we get after passing F7,F8 F9 & please inform me about the Total NUmber of Papers in Icaew ( AcA )
    Total Papers not modules
    & From which book Should i read F7 bpp or Kaplan or icaew ? or anyother

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      There are no lectures for chapters 1 – 5. Admittedly, I DO talk about IFRS5 within other lectures and on courses we practice past exam questions 2 which use the layout of published financial statements. In addition, I also lecture (within other lecture topics) the affects of IAS8.

      But there are no recordings of chapters 1 – 5 as such

      They are not SO difficult that they are beyond the comprehension of an educated student so all ACCA students should be ok with them

      • avatar says

        Thanks a lot sir. I actually realised why there is nothing on Chp 1 -5 when I got deep into the videos. They are simply covered within other lectures .

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    I have been desperately struggling over my ACCA books attempting home study since February. I just can’t soak up the information, and typically have come to a couple of months before the exam and feel so behind. I’m really hoping these lectures and notes will help!

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    I am now energized to study well for my Exam in June 2012. May the good Lord bless and keep you for availing the lectures and material. I hope to advance to the level of a masters if only I could get material since I have a time table .I have not been anywhere near a college in my work life!

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