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    Dear Mike,
    I have recently passed (with study over the past 7 months) F1, F2 and F3. I got around the 60% pass mark with each and typically spent a couple of months studying and practicing questions on each paper.
    I obviously want to continue working through the F papers and fancy tackling the F7 paper this coming December – this leaves me around 5 months to study (double study times, re the 3 fore-mentioned papers). What do you think my chances are of passing, taking the above into consideration? Do you feel it’s wise to jump to F7 from the first 3 F papers?

    Kind regards,


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      Hi James

      I cannot immediately think of any good reason to suggest that F7 would be a bad choice.

      Of course F3 is a good basis for the F7 syllabus and 5 months sounds to be ample time to get prepared.

      Of major importance, after you have read through / worked through the notes and watched the videos is to get stuck into a reputable revision kit of past exam questions (many of which are recorded as worked examples on this site)

      In specific answer to your question, do I think it’s wise to jump to F7 after the first 3 F papers….yes, why not?

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      Oh Dear! Would you mind if I refer to you as Rip Van Winkle? Where have you been?????

      YES!! There is a change in the format for all the F level exams with effect from December 2014

      There’s enough information on this site to get you up to speed but, if you still have issues after reading the news, post again……but next time please post on the Ask the Tutor page and that way I can guarantee that I shall see it

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    Dear Sir,
    I would like to know about F7 for December 2014.
    Is it international variant?
    If I study only your lectures notes and exam kits, do you think it is perfect to prepare for exam?
    Thu Zar

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Yes, it is only the International variant.

      Course notes have never been claimed to be a substitute for a full study text and the notes are not therefore intended as a replacement to a study text.

      If you follow through / work through the course notes in conjunction with the recorded lectures, that will give you good progress. If you then apply that progress to the questions from a revision kit, that will get you even closed to exam standard


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    Can you please confirm if there are changes in the syllabus of f7?
    Is yes, what are the changes?
    What will be the structure of the paper for December 2014?
    I’m grateful if you can answer my queries.

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    So glad it’s you doing the lectures for this paper Mike! Since you managed the impossible and got me through the law paper (on the third attempt), I’m 100% confident that this one is in the bag. Shame the Audit and Assurance ones are so tedious :S

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