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    Hello Tutor, Many thanks for these wonderful lectures, my question is should the taxable income in Non Savings is say 2800 and that of Savings income is say 10000. Will I be correct to tax the Non Saving at 20% x 2800 and then savings income at 10% of 2880 and finally 20% x 7120 for the remaining taxable income on savings income. Thank you.

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    Thanks very much for that lectures, I suggest you slow down some because to me you are too fast.
    By the way your lectures is very clear and simple to understand.
    Best Regards Sir.

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    I have a question. what is the difference between Tax repayable and Tax refundable? This is because the note says If the amount deducted at source exceeds the tax liability of the taxpayer, then the tax credit is refundable.

    In Example 4 (Molly), the Tax credit of £4000 exceeds the tax liability of £1712. Can you refer to the total amount of £2288 as “Tax refundable” instead of “Tax repayable”

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